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Party Over

Dec 22nd, 2004 3:00:58 pm - Subscribe

The Party was a blast. We watched some movies, beat on each other, ate, laid around, ran around, exchanged gifts, and not in that order either. It was fun. I got some really nice gifts from my friends. Im not gonna list them because that is tedious, But...oh well. I got a trendy emo-core(thats my own stereotype for myself) belt, a really really nice photography book, a cd, a very nice(leatherbound) portfiolio/picture album, some blank cd-r's(aaron is my computer friend), 2 gift cards. And a little picture frame thingy, and an Aquarius symbol necklace from Mandy(shes an aquarius too!). That about it. Yep, But I still think that spending time together was the best part, hmm, im supposed to have an orthodontist appointment(TMJ) at 3:15, and its about half an hour away, and its 3 right now, and my moms not home, and my step dad didnt answer his cell, so guess im just gonna chill here for now....yep. Later.
mood: Tired/Blank/Happy
I hear: I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody\\\'s Business
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