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Aug 24th, 2006 9:55:40 pm - Subscribe

Song: Retreat!
Artist: Cursive
Album: Happy Hollow

They checked the shrine and the temple, but he wasn't there. They checked the mosque and the chapel-nope, not there. Since you've been away on holiday, the natives are all nightmares. Since you've been away on holiday, I daydream you'll dissapear. You keep us on a leash we can't conceive, but still must adhere to.

The natives are whipping each other which god they prefer. I wish you'd do us all a favor and just defer. Since you've been away on holiday, we don't know which god is which. And since you've been away on holiday it's getting harder to give a shit. So if you stayed away on holiday we could get on with it-I mean, we could all evolve like this if you'd just call it quits.

Since you've been away on holiday we've stomached your archaic rule. And since you've been away on holiday we've hosted some wars over you. So stay away on holiday, my friend; we don't need your services, your excuses-your "mysterious ways." What a mysterious way to behave-to just go away.

Lord, let us go.

Cursives new album is amazing. What a great attack on religion and the American Dream.

I like that song. If a god did indeed exist, where did it go?! God is on holiday...

Anyways, I started classes this week.

BIO 122 - General Biology 2
BIO 127 - Intro to Evolution
ENG 126 - Adv Comp: Scientific/Technical Writing
CMM 121 - Fundamentals of Speech

So yeah, a very scientificliscious schedule.

I really love the study of genetics/evolution, especially human. I also really like the study of population ecology.

Basically, I am a biology fiend.

Well, my baby girl leaves wednesday or thursday...which really sucks. I switched cell companies so that we can talk for free. Er...I need to work incredi-hard this semester. I am actually going to look over some of my homework until B calls.

Here's to the future! Brittany, The9ine, school, work and a life of happiness and human flourishment with my one and only true love, Miss B.

::Raises glass and downs the contents::
mood: heathenish
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avatar lost_souls

August 25th, 2006

Thank you. You have no idea how much better I feel getting advice from someone. I still am upset, but having written it down somehow made a difference. (It's a she by the way. My sister to be exact.)

Wow. That album sounds amazing. I'll have to check it out.


avatar marlene

August 27th, 2006

I need to hear that album, really do. sad.gif
Sounds like things are going so well! that's great!

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