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Turn Other Cheek

Aug 17th, 2005 8:35:50 am - Subscribe

Turn Other Cheek

What would Nice Girl Delta Goodrem think about her boyfriend Bryan McFadden's cheeky outing with singer Samantha Mumba?

The former Westlife lad attended Mumba's 21st birthday party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, according to the UK press.
But McFadden and Mumba reportedly left the bash in search of a print shop and requested that they be allowed to photocopy their behinds.

Staff said they were "very polite, paid in full and quietly left".

Delta would be over the moon, we're sure.
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News : Delta\'s Undies Sexy

Aug 1st, 2005 6:39:33 am - Subscribe

Image Belongs To Herald Sun

Delta's Undies Sexy

Celebrity lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi and songbird Delta Goodrem have hit the streets of Los Angeles to create their lingerie range.

The designing duo spoke to The Eye while they were in Melbourne recently about the creative project that added another notch to Goodrem's over-achieving belt.
The pair said the third range of the Delta by anabella line had evolved from cute playfulness to "sophisticated sexy".

Shopping in LA's exclusive boutiques, the pair concocted a lacy, muted, vintage feel for 2005.

As Delta prepares to hit the US market with her music this year, the lingerie brand is set to be a global success.

Schiavi said the line would go into British stores in the next few months while talks for a US release were being finalised.

But the brand offers more than just financial and branding opportunities for Goodrem.

She also readily admits she gets to live every girl's dream with endless supplies of new knickers on hand wherever she is in the world.

"I think we sent her 260 pieces last time," Schiavi told us.

"Yeah, I wear them all the time," Delta laughed. "All my cupboards are full of them."

Schiavi, who met Goodrem on the set of her film Hating Alison Ashley, is quickly becoming one of this country's most successful entrepreneurs.

His company, Jupi, is turning over $35 million a year, with offices now in LA.

He is helping Bec Cartwright in developing a casual fashion line.

And we also hear he is working on ranges for two US celebrity clients, although he's keeping the names to himself until next month.

"One is for a homeware range and the other for a clothing range and both of these celebrities are global names, they're icons," Schiavi said.

Source : Herald Sun

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News : Delta Casts Magic Spell

Jul 29th, 2005 6:47:09 am - Subscribe

Delta Casts Magic Spell

Her concert began like a beautiful fairytale and, from the reaction of the 3500 screaming fans who packed the Derwent Entertainment Centre last night, Delta Goodrem was every bit as enchanting.

A little blue fairy flitted down the aisle to kick off the proceedings, and with a wave of her magic wand, Delta appeared in a stunning blue and purple floor-length gown, with a red sequin trim.

"Hi Hobart, it's great to be here," Delta called to the excited crowd of mostly teenage girls.

Between performing her original songs - which have had huge chart success in Australia - Delta put the house lights up to talk to the crowd, telling of her visit to the Cadbury factory earlier in the day where she filled her hands and all her pockets with chocolate. She apologised for her husky speaking voice - as Hobart is the final of 10 shows around the country in her Visualise tour - but the crowd didn't seem to mind.

"Love you, Delta," they screamed from all corners of the DEC. "You rock."

One young female fan squealed with delight as she approached the stage to present her idol with a single rose and received a kiss on the cheek from Delta in return.

But it wasn't just the girls who were excited as 15-year-old Jacob Basche, of Kingston, thought all his dreams had come true when Delta pulled him out of the crowd and up on to the stage to serenade him.

While the visual feast of Delta's six costumes, along with a six-piece band, five-piece string section, backing singers and dancers kept fans in awe, the highlight of the night for most was Delta's duet with Irish singer boyfriend Brian McFadden.

Source : The Mercury

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News : Dancing With Delta

Jul 28th, 2005 5:36:24 am - Subscribe

Image Belongs To Hawkesbury Gazette

Dancing With Delta

Performing in front of a rapt audience in a fairy costume with Delta Goodrem sounds like a fantasy scenario for a children's book. But it wasn't a fantasy for Ebenezer 11-year-old Chelsea Windon (pictured) who is currently opening shows as a fairy princess on Ms Goodrem's nationwide tour.
As a singer and dancer, Chelsea stood a fair chance of success at the casting auditions with Lee Goodrem, Delta's mother in June this year.

But the role wasn't hers until she passed the final test - getting along with Delta.

The pair met up in Woolloomooloo and instantly hit it off.

Chelsea said that performing with Ms Goodrem had been "the best experience ever."

"I've still got goosebumps knowing that I've travelled with Delta," she said.

A Year 7 student at Arndell College, Chelsea has learned everything she knows about dancing from her mother, Lee Windon, who manages Lee Windon Dancers in South Windsor.

"Chelsea is having a wonderful time," Ms Windon said. "We went to a cast party last night last night and danced the night away.

"It's just a whirlwind experience for an 11-year-old girl."

Chelsea heads to Hobart today for her final of nine shows with Ms Goodrem.

Source : Hawkesbury Gazette

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News : Delta shares the love with adoring audience

Jul 27th, 2005 5:51:15 am - Subscribe

Delta Shares The Love With Adoring Audience

Delta Goodrem, the sweetheart of Australian pop, delighted her fans in Canberra last night with her musical talent and informal style.
The 20-year-old warmly greeted the sold-out crowd of 3500 at the Australian Institute of Sport arena, sparking screams as she waved at fans and urged them to sing along and ask her questions.

"We had a lovely day in Canberra," she told the audience.

"We went for a walk, had a look around, went up to Parliament. Thank you so much for your support. I know everyone has taken me into their home with my music and now you're in my home."

The 20-year-old did look happy to be on the stage performing as part of her Visualise tour in which she plays 10 shows in eight cities to more than 70,000 people. "I love you too," she called to fans who declared their affections for her from the darkness.

It is the Sydney singer's first national tour and another sign of her comeback after battling Hodgkin's disease in 2003.

She started the concert with Butterfly, wearing a flowing blue gown and butterfly necklace, and ended it with her hit Innocent Eyes. She performed the duet Almost Here with boyfriend Brian McFadden. And there were some unexpected song choices including a cover of Jet's Are You Going To Be My Girl.

Aimee Marsh, 16, of Ngunnawal, said Goodrem was "inspirational".

"Because she's overcome so many obstacles and she never gives up."

Alex Pietrini, 12, of Ngunnawal, said he would be "cheering, screaming, jumping up and down" when Delta took to the stage.

"She's got a good personality. She's fun," he said.

Taylor Sowry, 10, of Calwell, and mum Tracy, were among the many mums and daughters at the concert.

"She's a good singer, kind to people," Taylor said.

And was mum a Delta fan? "I'm more a Metallica fan myself," she said with a laugh. "But we just think she's beautiful."

Eddy Hoek, 45, of Richardson, and wife Kerri, 41, were big fans.

"It's good middle-of-the-road music, appeals to a lot of ages.

"She's come back from cancer and she's a good role model for kids," he said.

Eleven-year-old Sydney schoolgirl Chelsea Windon has the dream job of many young girls, touring with Goodrem as The Little Princess character who helps to open the show.

"It's awesome, the best experience ever. She's very, very nice," Chelsea said of the star.

Source : The Canberra Times

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