I was on E

Aug 25th, 2004 1:59:45 pm - Subscribe
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Okay I never understood what I did but I felt really warm I felt like I wanted to have everyone around me took two pills and it felt so kewl. Never Understood what i did but I I've been told I was pretty f' up they said I was crying but I dont re-call it some said that I called them the "n" word I really felt ashamed I've taken E before but not 2 pills and I think I went over board so as for all of you who do E dont take more than one not unless it's cheap happy.gif

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Motorbikes ....

Jul 31st, 2004 2:19:05 pm - Subscribe
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Motorbikes and helping Seniors

I just returned from the mall and I was so amused by all the things that were happening around me it started out fairly bad but at the end it was nice and warm. I went to Dixie mall they had stuff on sale thier and it was really neat. I never knew they had Fair weathers there. It was filled and I got four pair's of shirts and a really cute Pair of shorts grin.gif and anyways the title of this entry is like that because when I was on the bus going to Dixie i was talking to this dude who seemed to have interest in Phillippino people also the fact that he complemented me was cool anyways what really caught my attention was when he said "me and My friends are going to motorbike in Europe" at first I thought "your going all the way there on a motor bike that allot of gas!!" he said "no no were bringing it there then were goin to set it up and travel" I was really intrigued by this.. Then I said my goodbye and went shopping. On the Bus home I saw this old lady who had a cart similar to my moms except it had tartan design on it was cool and I was getting on the bus but then she needed help so I helped her out and carried it on the bus for her. So there's my good deed for the day. happy.gif
Oh yeah this morning when I mentioned Vikki and Sabbi where going to the Carribanna she asked "why? there's nothing to see there it's all too dark!" I laughed and went on with my Life.


Jul 30th, 2004 2:00:45 pm - Subscribe
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many things have happened lately I've broken up with taylor yet I still like him allot I cant say the words anymore I just can't help the fact that I wanna be with him everytime I'm just ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see him talk to him cuddle hug kiss ugh whatever I cant deal with this!!!! Why cant I juts be like every normal person and get over him???????????? But noooo I just hd to end it didnt I???? what a stupid moron I am.

ohh yeah connor/vincent!!

Jun 26th, 2004 12:29:27 pm - Subscribe
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Way too much action.

Jun 26th, 2004 12:13:41 pm - Subscribe
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So Here's the sitch me and Taylor well let's just say we need to control ourselves. We're highly sexually active I mean today I'm happy that I'm going to see him. I like him allot and I guess you can say I might be falling in love with him, but there has to be a way of not ending up doing it. LIKE C'MON!!! I know I should've put this in my private blog's but I need some advice ppl how can you tell your BF that we need to have some time without the sex? I like sex don't get me wrong but you know when it gets too much your scared that you can't stop. The things that go in my life you'd think I have a camera following me.... (J/K). So yah.......

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