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Many has happened to me these past 3 weeks I told the guidance of what he did thanks to my good ol friend kyle then wfter that I got a social worker she got me as intake then she filled a report of sexual molestation and abuse, I went to the 22nd division got interviewed and was told to give every detail to the camera and to them they asked me if you only hate him we can get that done this isnt a story? but i sadi I said what I said and I'm not taking it back. My step dad got arrested not until they had to go look for I was at cristabelles desk for awhile waiting this all happened on a friday sometime in October I honestly cant remember. When they finally got him and talked to my mom I went home My mom asked me questions and asked me if it was true. I said it was then she said well what's giong to happen to him I said I didnt know.
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jennifer - October 23rd, 2004
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