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Bridal Pearl Jewellery

May 25th, 2011 1:52:12 am - Subscribe

Nothing is more elegant that a pair of simple stud pearl earrings, and a single strand pearl necklace with soft ivory bridal gown. Bridal pearl jewellery is pretty, feminine, and warmer than diamonds or crystal, which makes it more forgiving to the complexion than other styles of bridal jewellery.
Unfortunately many brides are put off pearl jewellery because of various myths and misconceptions associated with it. Here are four common myths about pearl jewellery;
Myth 1 – Pearl jewellery is unlucky for brides
If you want to wear your grandmothers beautiful pearl earrings, but have been told that pearls are unlucky, don’t worry you can still wear them as your something old. Pearls are seen to be unlucky because they are associated with tears, but this doesn’t need to be a bad thing.
Legend has it that pearls were created by an angel tear falling into an open oyster, and that is the origin of the myth. In fact pearls are a symbol of purity, innocence and a happy marriage, and the Greeks believed that wearing pearl jewellery would promote marital bliss and prevent newlywed women from crying.
Myth 2 – Pearl jewellery is only for mature brides
Don’t disregard a pearl necklace just because you think that only old women wear pearls. Pearl jewellery looks great on women of every age, and if a classic design doesn’t appeal to you there are a variety of contemporary styled pearl necklaces and pearl earrings for you to choose from.
Multiple strand necklaces, with pearls widely spaced all the way around the neck, and drop style pearl earrings, freshwater pearl twist necklace, a 16 inch button pearl necklace with larger pearls as the base and a couple of smaller pearls on top create a modern look. You can even have atiara or Alice band made with pearls to provide a coordinated effect.
Pearls work well with gold to create a warm vintage look, but they can also be combined with silver, white gold or platinum for a colder, more modern feel. Look for bright white pearls if you want to combine them with silver jewellery.
Myth 3 – Pearl jewellery is expensive
While high quality natural fresh water pearl jewellery is very expensive, your bridal pearl jewellery doesn’t need to be. You can buy beautiful pieces made from imitation pearls, which are indistinguishable from the real thing unless guests are actually going to touch your jewellery. You can easily mix a genuine antique pearl necklace with modern imitation pearl earrings and nobody will be any the wiser.
Myth 4 – Pearls are only available in white
Natural pearls are most frequently found in white or off white, but they can also be found in pink, lavender, and grey. For something special black Tahitian pearls are a stunning option, and South Sea pearls are available in contrasting gold. Natural or imitation pearls can be coloured to any shade you like, but you might do better combining white pearls with coloured glass beads. Alternating white pearls with red, blue or green glass beads along the length of a necklace provides contrast and a touch of colour.
Cultured Pearls
Mollusks create pearls by secreting a substance called nacre. They do this to seal off injuries or irritants inside their shells. Pearls used in earrings today are cultured, made by oysters with a little “help” from human beings.
On a cultured pearl farm, a specialist inserts tiny implants of glass, sand, or pieces of shell into the shells of oysters to start the creation of a pearl. A tiny round bead will encourage the oyster to make a round pearl. The oysters are well fed and kept in baskets in a clean peaceful pool. Saltwater oysters are cultured in a different manner from freshwater oysters and their pearls are a different type — often more expensive. Healthy oysters produce better pearls; the longer they live, the larger the pearls. Some types of oysters can actually survive the opening of their shells to remove pearls. They can have new material inserted to start more pearls and return to their restful existence for another few years.
If you are serious about white gold pearl earrings, take time to learn about the different types of pearls and the oysters that produce them, so you know what to look for. Salt water oysters produce the most expensive pearls but fresh water pearls are also beautiful. A variety of colors and shapes are normal but a perfectly round pearl is highly prized and valuable.
With proper care you can preserve pearls for a long time. Pearl earrings and other jewelry should be put on after you spray your hair or put on perfume. They should be cleaned carefully with warm water and very mild soap before storing in a soft cloth or pouch to keep them from scratching. Periodically take your pearl jewelry into the bathroom and let the pearls absorb the steam from your bath or shower. Don’t wear pearls in the bath, and take them off when swimming. Chlorinated water can damage pearls. Smoking is also bad for pearls.
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Bridal Jewellery

May 25th, 2011 1:51:08 am - Subscribe

So you´ve chosen your wedding photographer, the wedding dress, the flowers and chosen a hairstyle, but what about your Bridal Jewellery. There are so many choices when planning a wedding, however there are some golden rules that should be applied, which will help narrow down your options.

Here are a few wedding accessory tips that will ensure you look absolutely gorgeous when walking down the aisle to say ´I-do´!
Style of Wedding Dress
First and foremost is: choosing your gown first, then choose your handmade bridal pearl necklace, pearl and crystal necklace bridal to complement it.
Is the gown traditional, modern, simple and flowing, old-world or romantic? Your jewellery should reflect the look and feel you are going for. eg. If you have a modern dress, try choosing accessories with a modern edge, a simple dress may mean that you can have fun your with your jewellery and consider a striking necklace and smaller earrings.
Match the type of sparkle in your gown with the sparkle in your bridal accessories. Use crystals with crystals, rhinestones with rhinestones and pearls with pearls, etc.
Look for a headpiece with similar detailing. Eg Gold-tone or ivory pearl-accented tiaras are a good compliment to ivory/cream gowns, while silver-tone, rhinestone, and white pearl tiaras best compliment the tones of a white gown.
Remember, the big golden rule when choosing bridal jewellery is not to overdo it. If you dress is more elaborate, try to keep the jewellery simple eg. go for and earring and bracelet set.
Neckline of Dress

The neckline of the dress is another thing to consider. Strapless gowns are very popular at the moment however they mean that a lot of skin will be visible. A gorgeous choker or elaborate necklace with drops can work really well at completing your look without detracting from the gown and will fill in more skin so that you don’t look too bare.
It is also wise to mirror the necklace with the neckline of the dress. ie. a V-shaped or sweet heart neck would look great with a V-shaped or Y-shaped necklace that comes down to a drop. For dresses with higher necklines, you may want to consider have a more striking head-piece/tiara or try some chandelier earrings.
Whether you are having a wedding veil or not will also help you decide on what jewellery and head-pieces/tiaras to choose.
If you are having a veil you need to decide if you want it placed high on you head or at the bottom of your head i.e. above a low bun. If you are having a higher veil, you will most probably want a tiara placed in front of it to finish off the look.
A lower placed veil looks gorgeous with a diamante combed tiara or floral headpiece sitting behind the veil.
If you decide not to go for a veil, then there are some fantastic options around like Fascinators with or without netting, diamante hairpins or a tiara.

Longer hair will give you more options with hairstyles and tiaras. Remember if you are having an up-style you will probably need a larger tiara to balance out the look.
If you have short hair you will want to decide on a lighter, more delicate tiara that will not require lots of pinning to hold it in place. Brides with shorter hair look best in headband styles or tiaras with a smaller shaped comb.
The colour of your hair is something to think about. Hair accessories with diamantes/crystals are more noticeable in darker hair whereas you will need a more solid piece if you have lighter hair.
Above all, the most important thing is feeling comfortable on your wedding day and so choose pieces that feel like you and that you can wear again. Don´t despair if you can´t find the jewellery you are looking for as you can also draw a sketch and get anything you like custom made.
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Bridal Necklace Styles

May 25th, 2011 1:50:03 am - Subscribe

Bridal necklaces are central to the entire bridal outfit, so it is essential to find one that fits perfectly with the dress. With a simple or strapless gown, a statement necklace can add interest, whereas an intricately designed gown works best with a simple chain. Here are ten of the more popular styles of bridal necklace.
1. A choker is a single strand necklace that fits snugly around the neck. It is usually between 14" and 16" in length and can be made from material such as ribbon or leather, or from a string of beads or pearls. The tight fit of the choker produces a round effect, and usually works well with wedding dress with a relatively high round neckline.handmade bridal pearl necklace,pearl necklace flower girl.

2. A collar is similar to a choker in that it fits snuggly around the neck, but it usually consists of more than one strand, so it is wider than a choker. A classic example would be a pearl collar, which may have three strands of pearls stacked neatly one on top of the other. A collar style bridal necklace is an elegant option that accentuates a long neck. If a central ornament is added to a collar, it becomes known as a collarette.
3. A pendant is an ornament such as a gem stone or charm that hangs from a cord or chain around the neck. Pendants are generally longer than chokers; at least 18". An example of a simple pendant would be a gold cross on a chain, or a drop shaped diamond gem on a silver chain which is a very popular bridal necklace.
4. A locket is similar to a pendant, but it features an ornament that opens up to reveal space for a photograph or object. Many brides choose to wear an antique locket as their ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’, and lockets can be a wonderful way to carry a picture of an absent friend with you on your wedding day.
5. A bib is an intricate necklace best worn with a strapless gown. It has a draped fringe effect with strings of beads or gemstones hanging down from the main necklace which is similar in style to a choker. The shape made by the fringe of beads or gemstones resembles a bib. This style of bridal necklace may also be known simply as a fringe.
6. An esclavage style bridal necklace consists of a number of strings of pearls, gems, or beads, usually three strands in total. The top strand is the shortest, usually being about the length of a choker, and the strands get progressively longer so that there is a gap between each one when worn. A fashionable twist on this style is to have fine wire strands with widely spaced pearls or beads.
7. A long single strand of beads is a contemporary choice, and the beads sometimes vary in size increasing towards the centre. Various lengths include princess length which is 18", matinee length which is 22", opera length which is 30", and rope length which is around 60".
8. A Y necklace is a single strand necklace with a small chain or string of beads that hangs down at the throat forming a Y shape. This necklace is well suited to a dress with a V shaped neckline. It also looks good on curvier brides as it draws the attention down through the centre of the body which has a sliming effect.
9. A bolo can be made from either leather or chain. It is a necklace that fastens at the front and has a small ornament that slides up under the chin leaving the two ends dangling.
10. A festoon is an intricate style, usually made with strings of pearls or beads, although chains can work equally well. A festoon features a choker style strand or chain, with a number of other strands that hang from it and loop back up to meet it again, forming an elaborate pattern.
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White Gold Pearl Earrings - Versatile Elegance

May 25th, 2011 1:46:06 am - Subscribe

White gold pearl earrings come in many styles and can be worn for nearly any situation. Stud type pearl earrings in a white gold setting lend a touch of grace to business attire, are unobtrusively beautiful in church or temple. They are especially appropriate for weddings and anniversaries as well as lovely Mother’s Day gifts. Many people wear pearl jewelry in the spring, although pearls are fine year ’round. Actresses wear dazzling white gold chandelier earrings with pearls to the Academy Award ceremonies and other glamorous occasions, attracting attention and creating a memorable look.
What is white gold?
All gold is yellow. White gold is an alloy of gold with another metal such as nickel, with a small amount of copper and zinc. Palladium and platinum are also used, especially for white gold earrings and necklaces. White gold made with nickel is durable and often used for rings. It is really a soft grey so it is swavorski crystal earring designs,crystal chandelier earrings for wedding often plated with silvery rhodium. Rhodium plating is also used over ordinary gold and sold as “white gold”. If it wears off it will look shoddy even if there is real gold underneath. When white gold is made with platinum or palladium, no plating is needed.
White gold pearl earrings can be fairly expensive depending on the style. A simple pair of 8mm cultured pearls mounted on white gold pearl post settings can run as high as $90. You can expect to pay almost $400 for white gold earrings with high grade South Sea Island pearls.
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How to Pick Pearl Earrings

May 24th, 2011 11:20:50 pm - Subscribe

While the diamond is widely considered to be the ultimate expression of love and are used in both engagement and wedding rings, pearls are more popular and frequently used in wedding ceremonies. This is mainly due to the associations pearls have with purity, innocence and romance. In addition, the pearl supposedly gives its wearer a subtle elegance, which is generally how a bride wants to be perceived. Here is a short how-to guide for brides who would prefer to use pearl stud earrings over diamonds.
Unlike other gems, pearls are naturally produced gemstones that come from oysters. Because of this, they are much more fragile than even semi-preciousgemstones. Consequently, it is a good idea to read about pearls and how to care for them since they require more maintenance than the average gemstone-laden piece jewelry.
Once you’ve done some research, go to a jewelry store and look at the sterling turquoise earrings. You will likely see two different types of pearls – round and baroque, which are irregular in shape. Typically, baroque pearls are not used in stud earrings, although they are used in necklaces and bracelets. In addition, pearls come from different places and thus have different prices based on origin. The most affordable pearls are known as freshwater pearls and the most expensive are South Sea and Tahitian pearls.
Pearls come in a wide range of colors contrary to popular belief and range from white to gold to green and nearly every color in between. As a result, a bride can choose whatever color of pearl stud earrings suits her fancy. Typically brides use silver of white pearl stud earrings in order to match her gown and whatever other jewelry she will wear – such as her wedding ring, although those looking for a pair of stud earrings with no specific goal in mind can choose pearls of different colors. Pearl stud earrings come in different sizes as pearls are seldom uniform. The most common pearls used are between 6 and 8 mm.
One option for brides who would like to use both pearls and diamonds is a stud earring that features a pearl surrounded by smaller diamonds in a pave setting as accent pieces. These type of earrings also appear as drop an dangle earrings, but those earrings are typically more expensive, which is one of the reasons that stud earrings are more popular.
Once you’ve selected your pearl stud earrings, it is a good idea to compare with what is online as online retailers often offer similar prices for a higher quality items. Obviously, anyone purchasing anything valuable like jewelry online should research the retailer to ensure they run an honestbusiness. Once you’ve done this, purchase the stud earrings of your choice, preferably in the location with the more affordable price.
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