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Oct 13th, 2007 4:20:37 pm - Subscribe

i hate work.
having to put up with rude people over the phone really gets to you.

being a receptionist really is not as fun as it looks. good pay, though.

i have to sit here for 9 hours straight doing absolutely nothing butsurfing the itnernet and answering the phone. today i got to leave my desk one time in total. and, i don't get to leave it again. eryhjehyetklhyltr !!!

i get to either look down at the phone, look in front of me at a car (a very nice one i must say, considering this is a car dealership), or look up at either fans or the sky. there is other things to look at, but nothing interesting. not that any of that was, either.

i just wish there was something to do. facebook and myspace are blocked. i'm not allowed on msn.

the salesmen are hilarious though! i love them. i just looked over and one was poking the other in the face with a car antenna. ahh, those salesmen happy.gif

but enough about work.

im going to be in a movie! one that probably none of you will ever see.
but im still excited.

well, i better be on my way. im so bored, i better find something fun to do somehow. ill probably just eat some more candy.

more later. (:
mood: bored
What I did today: worked... still am.
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