Does the nondestructive of emerald goods hurt ancient bronze mirror of appraisal _ halcyon to injure
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Does the nondestructive of emerald goods hurt ancient bronze mirror of appraisal _ halcyon to injure

Bao Yushi, be in our country use earlier, having long history. And jade all through the ages gets of our country people treasure. Before 2000, jade already became rich other people, with will make the Yu Bi of day of hold a memorial ceremony for Cartier Glasses, the jade of ground of hold a memorial ceremony for fines jade, the Yu Pei of the Yu Gui that communicates Wang Ling, Feng Guanbai, because this jade ever was called of our country " country stone " . And halcyon is the curiosa in jade, price of high grade emerald halcyon can comparative with diamond. English name Jadeite of halcyon comes from spanish, means adorns the gem in the waist. Because of alive discipline, western Europe person thinks to adorn in the waist emerald goods can treat lumbago and kidney painful. In cultural relic of domestic and international many ancient time, it is emerald goods partly quite. In last few years the people on the world seeks peace ardently, take environmental protection seriously, advocate green. This kind of pleasing green Shi Yu comes to halcyon to get more of people fix eyes on. What make the same score as flowing water of the people's livelihood of our country person is ceaseless rise, compatriots is in experienced gold jewelry heat, warming up ceaselessly to Bao Yushi's interest, choose and buy, save reach trade Bao Yushi's activity increases increasingly, the halcyon of different quality of a material is tasted appear on treasure jade market. In the meantime, with pretend to be true, the emerald product that charges actor with bad also floods the market. Taste the beauty that make a little forcedly distinct, hard differentiate its are true bogus, join operator of a few halcyon also hard to avoid somewhat error 〔 ' 〕 . Emerald goods (especially value of article of a few ancient time is high, do not allow to make any scathing sex identification (if analysis of certain and chemical composition, hardness is measured,wait for) , because this does not have scathing appraisal,the method of green product is identifying true bogus halcyon, evaluate respect of emerald product value to have important sense. The main composition of the composition of 1 halcyon and property halcyon is mineral it is jadeite, this kind of mineral chemical crystallization type is NaAI [5120. 〕 , 10:5 of academic and chemical composition9 · 44% , a120325.22% , naZols.34% . Belong to chain certificate silicate kind picrite group. Outside jadeite is being divided in natural halcyon, contain a few other picrite kind mineral with feldspar kind mineral. Halcyon has emerald, apple color of green, oily blueness, white lotus root starch and red are equal colour and different diaphaneity. Although be in,different color often also is had in emerald goods together together. Because jadeite is mineral,different colour of halcyon is in contain the elemental be caused by such as different minim iron, chromium, its mineral composition was not changed " , 〕 . Halcyon has vitreous burnish or precious different burnish, hardness 6.5~7, specific gravity 3.24 one 3.439/cm, , observe in polariscope bright, the dot measures law refractive index approximate 1.66, in chip colorless, 2 axes brilliant smooth sex. The place in 2 appraisal method and example halcyon goods contains mineral sort and amount is a decision the chief factor of this goods true bogus, quality and value. Method of diffraction of brilliant of X ray pink is one of main methods with mineral appraisal. Instrument of diffraction of use X ray, the pulverous sample of preparation halcyon, get a collection of illustrative plates of powdery brilliant diffraction of sample, whether does the diffractive peak with mineral jadeite exist in checking a collection of illustrative plates, whether does mineral amid occupy jadeite bases can be informed this one goods to whether be halcyon. This kind of method and appraisal of general diffraction of mineral X ray agree completely. Because need a few Mg,one Mg sample grinds wear is pulverous, want attaint part product. Below the circumstance of makings having crop failure, using halcyon of true bogus of appraisal of this kind of method is no risk at all. The emerald products with precious appraisal is cannot have a bit loss to its, cannot use what powdery brilliant analyses this kind of classical X ray diffraction to formulate appearance method so. Halcyon unlike gem of and so on of royal seal of diamond, ruby, sapphirine, emerald, green jade it is monocrystal, it is by the fiber shape all round flyspeck brilliant and spot brilliant, garrulous shape petty crystal is comprised commonly, show change spot brilliant interweaves structure, structure of this kind of crystal is the aggregate condition of a kind of crystal. Emerald products is course sculpture, polish, the surface level off is smooth, undertake below the circumstance that does not injure goods X ray diffraction is analysed when, should make X facula can aim Zxsmm only ' a small level off of the left and right sides is smooth and planar, adjust the position of this facet correctly, can obtain reliable X ray diffraction to analyse data, undertake to goods of true bogus halcyon nondestructive hurts appraisal. Result of appraisal of this kind of method is accurate nondestructive, rate is rapid, especially important is won't right goods produces any loss. A few typical example that our appraisal crosses are below: (L) a round cricoid Yu Pei, white, between pea green hue, submit round garrulous form. Diameter of inside and outside is 17mm respectively, 45mm, the edge is a bit slight, among annulus small protruding. Secure its with plasticene wear in tailor-made sample in, put correctly into room of diffractive appearance sample, adjust product position to make clitellum of X facula alignment mid. Undertake X ray diffraction scans, develop sweeps a collection of illustrative plates to see a picture 1. Analytic a collection of illustrative plates is knowable its composition majority is jadeite, only a few feldspar. Appraisal eventuate halcyon. (2) a rectangular fan drops, long X is wide for 24 fire 15mm, the surface is engraved have figure. With fabaceous green fatigue advocate, occasional has celadon and white. Diffractive a collection of illustrative plates sees a picture 2, its bases is jadeite, only a few feldspar and appear picrite, it is halcyon undoubted. (3) extent of an elliptic drop, spinach green, the surface submits steamed bread form raised, its underside is one plane, as it happens can use the appearance that makes X ray diffraction scan. Its diffraction a collection of illustrative plates sees a picture 3, bases is jadeite, only a few feldspar, also be halcyon. (Diameter of an inside and outside is 4) respectively 24mm, 45mm, the cylinder state product of tall 58mm, emerald be mingled with has lotus root white, record of the drop that show a bit distributings. It is a Tibetan allegedly the goods on finger is covered when archery, say to do " bat " . Level off of wall of inside and outside is smooth. Although one cannot be found to suit to become the facet that X ray diffraction analyses on article here, but because its external diameter is bigger, and the facula of X ray is very narrow. Want to make the extension line of X ray can have passed line of the arbor in its cylinder only, the one fraction of outside face can regard as a facet approximately to very narrow X ray facula, its diffraction a collection of illustrative plates sees a picture 4. Its bases is quartz. According to its grain structure reachs colour and lustre, denominate is Dong Lingshi (Aventurine) , not be halcyon. (5) . Of a jade carving lie ox, white takes a few celadon, line is straightforward, it is ancient prose content allegedly. Lie bovine back is relatively even, and bottom is one plane. Base and lie bovine department expects with a jade. With X ray diffraction the analysis lies bovine back and base, diffractive a collection of illustrative plates is basic and identical (graph 5) . Bases is serpentine, belong to the serpentine jade article with inferior value. (6) . The bosom of appearance of a heart-shaped drops, grow 12mm, 1omm of the widest place, colourful green ribbon is small yellow, quality of a material is glittering and translucent and shining, according to saying it is ancestral content. Its diffraction a collection of illustrative plates sees a picture 6. Any apparent diffractive peaks did not appear in the graph, just be in 20. One 30. (There is one dispersion peak between 20) , for noncrystalline body, appraisal result is to be tasted forcedly, fasten artificial complex glassy goods. With goods of halcyon of appraisal of method of diffraction of scatheless X ray, ask goods is had only relatively the surface of level off. In a few product that in us appraisal passes, this one requirement is not inaccessible. But in appraisal process, as a result of goods of natural jade material the sample unlike the preparation in classical method is even in that way, because this needs to use X ray diffraction commonly,analyse goods two, 3 place, in order to accomplish no risk at all, it is especially when the name of negative primary product, more want discreet. Article origin: The network collects article introduction: The ancient bronze mirror of halcyon of _ of nondestructive injury appraisal of emerald goods injures the emerald green friend that read the article still read the following article: Glass is planted the classification of bracelet of emerald bracelet halcyon sees halcyon be worth otherwise of wedding ring of appraisal of bracelet of how much Qian Feicui to want to wear glass of Burmese jade price to plant yellow Fei Dai Meng gets emerald bracelet to wave Huayu avalokitesvara

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