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dimartiste dusk - Subscribe
oh well! i really cant help this! letting go is the most wildest feeling. everytime i woke up without a sunrise, uncunny feelings suddenly appear and i know i did it right just like an unfinished master piece that is full of vagueness. i know this is right but the feelings isnt. i longed the wildest things we've done. the most hilarious comical corniest jokes even small stuff and even nothing. i wonder if that minuscule sunrise rised in high spirits, i know! and hope that sunrise will not end up with a dusk. a dusk! just like me.
Mood: old

dimartiste i crushed...i sliced...i die... Aug 26th, 2006 11:32:31 pm - Subscribe
i crush till it crushed...

i slice and it's sliced..

and die....

i crushed a graham, i sliced a white chocolate (toblerone) and poof i die for the taste of my graham cake... tounge.gif
Mood: girly

dimartiste premature uban Aug 28th, 2006 8:59:12 pm - Subscribe
i was in a meeting w/ a client last night w/ my friend/officemate/business partner in crimes,... anyways after the meeting they started to talk about marriage life (huh!) i felt i was in a middle of a talkshow im a lil outcast maybe because of the age gap.. hearing stories from two different kinds of situations in one topic... i felt so itchy w/ the conversation and then suddenly i buttin "maybe you can talk to your wifes parents so that they'll know whats your plan"and then they much to hear... and i hate what i felt...and now a premature uban is coming out in my head... eep.gif
Mood: old