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I went to SFAS last night and bought a shirt... with my playmate and our new copywriter that we almost have the same taste of bands, type of music and almost everything... I adore her love story for she even prayed for it almost everyday and now that they are married she told us not to ask too much cause it could be very much... wehehehe... sounds confusing huh!!!... I will not elaborate everything cause she might eventually kill me when she finds this out...

and we playmate have to go home because her boyfriend is waiting for her, our copywriter will visit her mom and her husband will fetch her up.. and me?? i have to go upstairs just to crossed to the other side of shaw blvd. hehehe.. i passed through shangri-la and o well got my second shirt at kamiseta soon i saw the human boutique an ad captured me, its about a jeans design competition which i really want to join but first i have to buy a P100 minimum worth of any items .. ok so i bought a belt, im so excited! so as i walk, my creative juices is suddenly bursting and got my ideal design for that jeans...

as i reached the the bus stop i suddenly baffled if am going to take a bus or mrt, when a nice "brand new" bus pop in which catch attention, then i took a bus.. my journey never stopped and my papa texted and have an errands for me so i have to stop in the mall again.. then "Jhaye" texted asking for some stuffs and i asked him if he wanted to go to have some coffee with me..after i bought my errands i look for a coffee shop and good spot where we could talk then finally he arrived i asked him but his the one who bought our drinks and a cake….anyways... our conversation becomes a fusion of poignant and happy stories, it becomes deeper, their team got a problem and they really have to settle it as soon as possible cause I really admire their group suddenly he told me that I am involved in a certain situation which is not good at all, he got a proposal for me to join this …… (a certain event/group) so I asked him to promise me that he should settle that conflict first before I’ll join them…. I have these itchy feelings once more and I really don’t like what is happening to them they’re a team so they have to work on it. I asked him to pray and ask for some guidance to open their hearts and mind to what possible effects that might happen if they’ll prolonged this conflict…………….
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