a weekend of total randomness
Date: Apr 20th, 2008 7:39:14 pm - Subscribe
Mood: antisocial

and substance abuse

dude... i dont know where the hell my head has been. I went to the unearth show on friday... no clue where the hell i was.. i felt so out of place.. got my ass kicked in the pits.. and then i gave up and watched them.. and left. that band is so shitty. i dnt get how people like them... they just stand around and look like they dont give a damn. like theyre there cause they were forced to. when there are people like me who would love to play infront of their fans. this band better get soemwhere big... like decently big. doesnt ahve to be huge. anyway

so after i left. i waited by my friends car while they were inside and i was hanging out with two random ass girls... wound up in their car and then i wound updriving on 18 south.. and wound up in tinton falls. what? how the hell did i get here... where am i. who are these people. paranoia set in pretty deep that night.
i eventually fell asleep and took a train home and got lost in seacaucus and took a train home. and yea that was most of my saturday.. then i had work and that was boring and hung out with creature and mike and we smoked pot watched some tv and they played some music and my interview was canceled today. tahts really all i did
it ws boring
it was exciting
it was different
it was... a weekend
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a day of uneventfulness
Date: Apr 16th, 2008 5:53:40 pm - Subscribe
Mood: strange

it sucked.
repairs drain the hell out of my head
i hate them so

i want this les paul from work. it is so fuckin nice. antique classic les paul with a 60's neck. only 2199 gc price... which means i get it for les.. but i dont have that kinda money....
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is it wrong
Date: Apr 10th, 2008 8:32:38 pm - Subscribe
Mood: bummed

that i still think of you
almost never night
just hoping you'll call?

i hope it is
and that every night
my hopes will fall

will i ever see you again?
will i spend the night again?
oh how my hopes will fall

the world is turning darker
and i am falling deeper
a sleep i cannot recall

and further and further i go
i try to see a light
the brightness i don't recall

is it wrong?
why cant i be strong?
like you've been all along
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another day goes by
Date: Apr 8th, 2008 8:44:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: troubled

wasted. total waste of a day. thats what i get for having a job. oh well. standing up at the door is boring. it really is. it was so boring.. i couldnt think of something to distract myself. so i stared into outer space for a while. outer space is that place between my face and an object. i have habit of looking there when ever i'm doing anything. altho i'm not really doing it right now.

so mom girl called yesterday. pretty suprizing though. she wanted to know if i wanted to buy a guitar.. but i can . CAUSE I'M BROKE! yay!. not really. but yea were apparently hanging out on sunday.... i'm not getting my hopes up. last time it was utter failure.

tommorow should be swell, practice at 7 for le band. first one in two weeks... a little more than that. hopefully all goes well in the 2 hours we have reserved for ourselves
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another day
Date: Apr 3rd, 2008 9:20:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood: natural

another life

man.. today kinda sucked but was pretty ok. right now... i'm in an odd mood that has no word or meaning. its just like emptyness throughout me, i feel it growing but i'm holding it back.
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