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Originally dated: 28th July 2010

I ordered the introduction pack from OBOD- the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. More information can be found on them at, which is packed with interesting information and a lively forum that I've been using regularly (but under a different name). I've only scratched the surface with the introduction pack, yet already it seems like a very worth while course. The philosophy that it is based on, such as a reverence for nature and being responsible for the environment in everything that you do are just two points which have been within me for as long as I can remember.

A concern of mine, as would be anyone else's I would imagine, is that Druidry is a practice that belongs in the Neolithic and Bronze age rather than for the twenty-first century. However, reading the pack has made me realise that Druidry in all its aspects- as a practice, an idea, a way of life, a spirituality- is like language (this is in my words and not theirs). To continue throughout the ages and to accept people from all branches of life it must evolve. This is what Druidry has done. Its roots are in the Celtic myths and legends and in the documents of Julius Caesar. This is the raw data of Druidry but to really live it you need to get out into and be with nature. So from these roots is what Druidry today is based on, and it has been developed into a practice that fits with the societies and cultures of the twenty-first century. I guess it will continue to evolve as times change but the idea and philosophy of Druidry will remain.

The book 'Druid Magic' is still proving to be an interesting read. Before beginning this blog I was on a mission to find out what concrete things people do who describe themselves as Druids or as a Druid in Training etc., because of their practice. One of the replies I had was, that if you have to think about it then you're not there yet. My first response to this was:
1. confusment,
2. that it was probably a good answer and
3. unfortunately not what I was looking for.

However, this taken in hand with something I read from 'Druid Magic' (this is not a quote) Druidry brings out what is already within us. I have certainly found this to be true recently and more so the more I read. For instance, a reverence for nature and feeling responsible for the environment. I know there were other things but I cannot remember anyone of them now...maybe that's because I'm there!

This is not to say that Wicca has been discarded. Only that for now I'm going to focus on Druidry, and if Wicca finds its way into my life which I'm sure I'll pursue, then I will welcome it openly. In fact once I've finished 'Druid Magic' I may well hunt down a good book on Wicca.

Love and Laughter

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anonymous - October 15th, 2011
How about 'Deciphering the Witches Sabbath' by Carlo Ginzburg. You might also enjoy 'Listening People Speaking Earth' by Graham Harvey.

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