Pragmatics in Meditation
Date: Oct 15th, 2011 3:14:52 pm - Subscribe
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I learnt that you need to have a good and strong understanding, if not a belief, in the ideas behind the words used during any meditation/visulisation. This may seem obvious but let me exaplin...

The past few weeks I've been following online traditional british witchcraft (BTW) lessons, which have been focusing on meditation and visulisation. That is till last week when there was spoken word added after the meditation. But since I've been working with Brigit in daily meditations- a celtic goddess of the fires of inspiration, health and hearth. This ideology is still at the foresront of my conscious so when trying the TBW lesson which was using the symbol of fire to rid negative energy (in a very generic way) this did not mesh with my current ideas. It felt pointless and actually stopped the lesson. After much distress at why this was I read, took a shower then wrote this. I guess this also shows how powerful our forms of thinking are.

On another note, this shows there are similarities between TBW and Druidry but it's not always possible to connect them.

Love and Laughter

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anonymous - October 15th, 2011
Brigit as a smithcraft goddess would understand the process of heating metals in fire to drive off impurities and 'dross'.

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