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dreamoway ^_^. - Subscribe
So this is it. My first blog entry. Oh wow. I think that this blog will be taking up the space of my live journal. But I am not all that sure yet. So I might go shopping today. Even though I do not have any money not in check form. I am getting my hair done, heres hoping any way. I have been wanting to get something done to it for a while now. I went to get it done one day, black streaks...but no they stop using chemicals two hours before they close. It sucked so bad. I was really looking forward to getting it done. School shall begin in about a month. Which really isn't that far away. Well entry fin.
Mood: heavenly

dreamoway Hm. Aug 2nd, 2005 3:02:19 pm - Subscribe
So, this is the second of many blog entry’s to come. I was supposed to go cruising with my cousin, Calvin and Matt. But they have yet to show up. angry.gif. Well what evar then. Things have been okay lately. Reconnecting with my friends sort of, and making some new ones. I hope some aren't lost on the way. I wonder if I have lost some already? I hope not... Well this day has been very dull. Yesterday was quite an eventful day. In the morning I went shopping in which I lost $107. However, it was well spent. Best thing I achieved was an Oscar Mayer wiener shirt. It is a total win I hear from every one. Then I had Heather come over a bit later. We went swimming. Then had pizza. Then she was going to leave...but then we decided to go to Jeremy's house. LOLZY. It was actually quite fun. We played ddr, and went out side as the storm was starting up and jumped on his pogo stick. AW. His puppy was so cute. I guess tomorrow Heather is having Jeremy and I over. Should be fun I suppose. Then Friday I am probably going to Heather's house also. I have been doing a lot with Heather since I have gotten back from camp. Which is a good thing. We really have done anything this summer, so it is nice to hang with my best friend. So let's see. The past weekend to Monday has been great. But this Tuesday isn't going so well. It is dreadfully boring right now. v_v. Well. Blog fin.
Mood: alone

dreamoway Oh really. Aug 3rd, 2005 3:07:46 pm - Subscribe
grin.gif So. Today I went to the mall-o with Heather. Her sister and her sister's friend took us. Got a Beatles shirt, and a pair of socks. MOOOLATTE! - I baught Heather and I moolatte's and pretzel sticks with cheese. It was so delicious. ^_^_^_^_^! So good. I guess Jeremy might be coming here today. Fun fun fun. But anyway today was nice so far. Not sure what I am doing this week end. Well blog fin. Little sometin sometin for ya: "When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us."

Mood: bubbly

dreamoway Oh yeahhhhh! Aug 4th, 2005 4:51:17 pm - Subscribe
happy.gif So yes. Today the start was quite dull. But now I am at Matthew's so it is better. Tomorrow it is off to Heather's I do believe. Lolzy/ YES, again. Jeremy is probably coming too. He seems to be our new best friend. We had fun yesterday at Heather's. We straightened Jeremy's hair. Which was a waste, because we jumped on the trampoline after and it got all curly again. He looked so funny with it straight. Well it is time to watch some jokers by Mr. Mitch. ^.^ Oh lovely day. BLOG FIN!
Mood: Hungry

dreamoway Oh nothing. Aug 6th, 2005 6:30:17 pm - Subscribe
tounge.gif So let's see. Yesterday Heather came over. We were hoping Jeremo could come, but we never got ahold of him. But it was all cool. We went up and got puppies slush. Then we ate subs in the cemetary. It was an interesting time. But We walked up to the park. Got puppies slush again. Which was yummy. And then we went Mel's going away party. Which was okay. We laughed...alot before I left. Then we got the whole, "You two could be sisters." Shit. Grandma face! But yes. Then I got the whole, "WOW! You look so different, and tall!" And yeah. What evar then. So I am spending the night at Heather's house. >.< She keeps reading this aloud. I will get over it. So yeah. We are going to watch half baked. She has never seen it. O_O. It sooo funny. LOLZY. Well must go.
Mood: loopy