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This is dress time. I'd like to be here sharing with you all.
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dresstime Notice On Your Wedding Day Mar 19th, 2013 3:24:42 am - Subscribe

Wedding is like the battlefield, even the people around will be busy anxious panic, let alone as the protagonist's. However, since you are the protagonist respect from leisurely to face the major events in your life in a happy mood. After all, no experience, nervousness is understandable, But the bride at the wedding also need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not drink too much. Excessive drinking makes you look very unbecoming, so to control alcohol consumption, maintaining the elegant posture until the end of the wedding.

2. Take the time to get something to eat. You and the groom to spend a lot of time to select the wedding, then why not stop and enjoy it? Even if it is a small piece of cake.

3. Do not stop fiddling with hair. Wedding, many brides are always worried that the hair will change. In fact, the hair stylist has been done for you fixed your hair enough to stick to the end of the wedding. It is not assured, can allow the bridesmaids to prepare the small hairpin ready to help you fixed hairstyle.

4. Try some of the bad habits of restraint. Can imagine, when the bride in a wedding video, find yourself chewing gum, or speak and guests habitually biting, must want to delete it immediately. Therefore, we must restrain their habits a little trick.