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random thoughts::Matthew 11
Date: Feb 9th, 2007 11:37:45 am - Subscribe
current reading:: Generous Orthodoxy::Brian McLaren

in this chapter we see the disciples of john the baptist come to Xp to find out for their teacher if He really is the Messiah? Xp uses the miracles He's done as proof of who He is. but then Xp begins to talk about john the baptist and who he is. saying that he's a prophet and more. but then He says something very interesting. Xp says that of any person born of a woman there is none greater then john. He then says that the least of those in the kingdom of heaven is greater then john. in all honesty i'm not sure what to make of this verse. perhaps meaning that john wasn't able to hear all of Xp's teaching so he did not have a full view of what God was planning to do.

in verse 20 Xp begins to preach judgment on the cities that did not repent when He had done a miracle. saying that if He had done miracles in other places they would have repented. it's interesting because i've said many times that faith would be easier if we got to see and experience what the people of the Bible got to see and experience. but here we have entire cities who saw Xp's power and did not repent. it made me start wondering if i'd be the same way. seeing Xp turning water into wine and passing it off as some sort of magic trick. perhaps i would have been one of those Xp was passing judgment upon. hard to say for sure.

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things to come::Matthew 10
Date: Feb 7th, 2007 3:59:20 pm - Subscribe
current reading:: Generous Orthodoxy::Brian McLaren

in this chapter Xp sends out the disciples. He tells them that life will be not be easy following Him. Xp tells them to bring nothing extra. no extra shoes, shirts...just what they have on their back. this is a great picture of what it means to follow Xp. total dependence on God and what He wants for us.
Xp then says He's sending them out to be "shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves". Xp knew that the world would try to eat up and spit out His followers, so He says for them to be shrewd. to know what's going on around them, but to not get involved in it. to keep that innocence that all followers of Xp should have.
He continues on describing how they will be persecuted and how people will turn on each other. this passage leads me to this. every aspect of our lives needs to be devouted to and in the future. we can't worry about our material possessions...we have to be aware of the world around us...and in the end when the persecution comes we have to be trusting in God that He will take care of us no matter what we face.

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mercy::Matthew 9
Date: Jan 26th, 2007 8:04:12 am - Subscribe
current reading:: Generous Orthodoxy::Brian McLaren

this week i get to preach again. the focus of my message is on loving others and putting them before us. so it seems fitting, that since that is what i've been thinking about that for a while that, i would come across something in my daily readings. Xp gives this statement, which at first seems a bit confusing. the statement is this "i desire mercy, not sacrifice."

the confusing part, for me at least, came when i think about how Xp has called each of us to give up our lives to follow Him. that would seem to be a sacrifice. however, when we unpack it and get deep down into it we see that the context of this statement sheds a new light on it.

in this passage Xp has just called Matthew to follow Him. He goes to eat at Matthew's home where there were other "sinners" present and the pharisees get mad at Him. what Xp was doing was pointing out that He wants mercy and love over sacrifices. these sacrifices are in the sense of what the jews used to do at the temple. see the Pharisees that they were good to go because they kept so many of the laws and did their sacrifices. but what they didn't do was have the proper attitude. for them it was more of a checklist to get into heaven. they lacked the heart and mercy that Xp was calling for. so He tells them that He would rather they be merciful than sacrifice. the motives are what Xp was after. were they sacrificing and living by the law to honor and love God or were they merely doing it too look good to others? that is what Xp was intending with His statement. that our hearts are right, not just our actions.

(NOTE::we are still to follow the commands of Xp, this doesn't allow us to just be merciful and live how we want.)

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the cost::Matthew 8
Date: Jan 25th, 2007 9:53:14 am - Subscribe
current reading:: Generous Orthodoxy::Brian McLaren

Xp is so amazing. sometimes i read things and i just can't believe it. take for instance this chapter. Xp does a lot of great things, plenty of miracles, and even calms a storm. but i'm just blown away how Xp is human but is God at the same time. what amazes me is that this person comes up to Xp and says he will follow Xp. Xp then tells him basically that to follow Him, the man is going to be homeless. and then the man says ok, just let me go bury my dead dad. and Xp says, no follow me, someone else will bury your dad.

absolutely amazing. i mean here is a person ready and willing to follow Xp, and Xp lets him know about the struggles ahead. the man is ok with that, all he needs is to attend his fathers funeral. this is why i'm amazed. if i have anyone following me, even caring what i'm saying i'm estactic. i check blog hits and all kinds of stuff. and Xp says you know what, if you want to come, come, but you need to be the kind of person i want with me.

Xp doesn't just want numbers, and He doesn't just want anyone, He wants people committed to Him and Him only.

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