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so its time to do away with the old and begin a new...that and i'm bored. welcome to the new blog

drew7 Random thoughts on Mark 1 Oct 20th, 2006 3:53:33 pm - Subscribe
how humbling it must have been for John to know that Xp was coming after him....he's got this great following, and yet he knows he's not the big dog...he's merely the opening act. not to mention he baptizes Xp then gets put in jail while Xp starts his ministry.
After me will come one more powerful than I, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie...Mark 1:7

John just got it!

Xp goes on to call His disciples, to drive out evil spirits and to heal many people.

as for John...well he's not mentioned again for 5 chapters. but that's the amazing thing about John is that it wasn't about him!
it was all about Xp!
i wonder what the the world would look like if all of us had that mindset...that it wasn't about me but all about someone else?
i wonder how much different the world would look if we had more Johns?

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drew7 random thoughts on Mark 2 Oct 21st, 2006 9:35:42 am - Subscribe
who would have thought that the Son of God would come to earth and be with sinners? (of course we're all sinners so it does make some sense) but most people i think would have expected Xp to be with the "Spiritual Giants". we all know the type, the ones who feel that they need to look perfect, to keep up this image (that we're never asked to do in the Bible, by the way).

but Xp didn't care about any of that. He came for the sinners, the broken, the addicted, the disfunctional. it's clear that's who He came for, and that's great, because that's where all of us are.

we're broken, we're sick, we're addicted, we're disfunctional!

but for some reason, human nature perhaps, we all want to wear this mask, this facade if you will. where we try to hide all our imperfections, all of our faults. when we get to the point where we accept that we're sinners and never will be perfect, and embrace that, then embrace the love and mercy Xp provided us on the cross...we'll be on our way to seeing what it means to be a follower of Xp
current reading:: Simplicity by Mark Salomon

drew7 random thoughts on Mark 3 Oct 23rd, 2006 8:17:17 am - Subscribe
when i used to read about the pharisees and their doubts that Xp was the Son of God it used to blow my mind. how in the world could they see all these things and say those things are not of God? but as i get older and deeper into ministry it makes alot more sense. i realize that people who haven't been broken, who still cling to the hope that their sinful life is enough, i realize that it's not easy to believe in Xp. i'm no different. i know plenty about Xp and what He said and did. i also know that He calls me to a life that is filled with sacrifice and being uncomfortable. and so i understand where the pharisees are coming from. they don't want to give up their power, their time in the spot light. they know Xp is going to put a damper on that, so they resist and push back against Him. we all do it, i think it's human nature...though that doesn't make it ok. at some point we just have to realize that following Xp is not easy and it's not about serving ourselves. it's about serving a loving Savior who calls us to a higher standard than that of the world. i pray that we all can find that spot in our lives.
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drew7 Simplicity Oct 23rd, 2006 3:59:36 pm - Subscribe
i just finished reading Simplicity by Mark Salomon (front man of Stavesacre) and i must say that i found it to be quite a breath of fresh air when it comes to living out our faith. it helps that i have been a long time fan of Stavesacre and some of the inside humor of how "shows" go etc. was amusing. but the main draw for me was just hearing the man put it out regrets no apologies. his insights into the way God works definitely resonated with me. do i agree with everything he but it was great to hear a new voice in the continuing discussion of what it means to be Christian, whether you're the lead singer of a band, a youth minister (like myself), or a person who works a normal 9-5. i would highly recommend it for any one who thinks that the way Christianity is being protrayed by the masses may be a bit off. and if you know who Stavesacre is, i consider this a must read
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