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Date: Dec 27th, 2005 9:14:10 pm - Subscribe
Mood: argumentative

so its been a while. nothing too new. i broke up with seth about 2 weeks ago. hes cool and everything, i just didnt really feel a connection. and that kenney guy is cool, but i just really wanna be single for awhile so i can get to know guys better before i go out with them. i think thats wat my problem has been with alot of them.

so yeah, christmas wasnt as crappy this year as it normally is. i wasnt into it at all though. it like it was just a normal day with nothing to do as usual. i got a broken ipod. that was nice. i took it back though and got another one. so its cool now.

i dont have much to say, but i havent been on in so long, and i kinda missed writing blogs. it was really good for gettin all my stuff out.

oh well. i guess i can just get used to this again.

ohh i have pictures!

only a few... but oh well.

ok so yeah... thats all.

bye love. <3
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david - January 19th, 2006
Nice pics, thanks for sharing!


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