The Matter With Craig
Date: Apr 14th, 2006 9:51:31 pm - Subscribe
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This could be a case of Craig not seeing the importance of teamwork, coming from the “old school” way of thinking where teachers were responsible only for their own classroom in isolation. This could be some deeper issue that Craig is taking out on the other teachers. It could just be that he is not a good match with the other teachers on his team. There may just be a personality conflict.

I would assume that I have been in and out of Craig’s class and team meetings enough to know that there were some issues with Craig. I would hope that I would know if this were out of character for Craig or not. I would definitely want to keep a copy of the memo in Craig’s file if it fit with what else I had been seeing.

Obviously, Craig is not handling himself professionally if he is losing his temper and shouting and cussing. If Cindy were the kind of teacher who sincerely worked to get along with her colleagues, and I felt like I could trust her to be telling the truth, I would probably call Craig in for a meeting.

I would want to know how Craig was enjoying his school year. I would probably ask how his family is doing, to see if there were some personal problems that were causing him to be so edgy. I would ask how he and the other teachers were getting along. I would give him every opportunity to explain why he had been acting the way he had. I would talk to him about the importance of working as a team to benefit the students.

If it turned out to be a personality issue, I would move Craig to another team for the next year. I would keep a close eye on his interaction with the new team.

If Craig did not want to be a “team player”, I would let him know it was not an option at our school. I would probably require him to read some books and/or articles on teamwork for his personal professional development. I would document my request, and give him a timeline to finish the books along with an appointment to meet with me to discuss them. If there were some workshops on teamwork, I would send him to those.

I would then meet with him and his team, and discuss the importance of working as a team. I would attend some of the team meetings and see how they were going.

If Craig continued to refuse to work with his team, and I felt like I had done everything I could to help him understand the importance of working together, I would let him know that he might be happier in another school that did not require him to work on a team. I would talk to the assistant superintendent about the issue and continue the process of documenting his behavior until we felt that we had sufficient evidence to terminate his contract.
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