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Okay, I wake up for school today (wednesday) at 6:00 a.m. so i go to school and i wait at my gf's locker same gf from previous blogs we been doing great! anyways she never showed up...i thought it was kinda werid but oh well so i went to class (german) and she showed up about 20 min late so i was like you sick? she said no i will tell you later. so i thought maybe she had car problems or something of the sort. anyways at lunch were walking to where we decided to eat that day and well she tells me this.

G/f speaking: i had to wake up at 7:00 for a dentist appt. and i woke up at 7:05 my dad was really mad at me and he said that i should just stop talking because i never listen to him. so i stopped becasue he told me to. and he was yelling at me i didn't know what he was saying then he hits me across the face 5 or 6 times and then pushes me down the stairs. and then my mom says go the fuck to work. so he went and i came to school

i rubbed off her foundation and i saw the bruises. and it was horrible i didn't know what to do in this sort of situation becasue its never happened before.. its 1st degree child abuse and i am not sure what the police can do really. just say don't do it again? her dad has a real real bad temper problem he alwasy bitches how he was in the marines when he was in desert storm. when really he was in flordia stationed he never went to iraq....he just think he did.

anyways i really really need some advice to help her becasue i wanted her to stay with me tonight but her mom wouldn't allow it she was saying oh i love you come eat come eat darling etc.. etc... its a totaly peice of bull shit how i want to kill her dad but that wouldn't help anything he would be dead and me in jail. All i can do is be their for her. etc..

EDIT* she is grounded from me and isn't allowed to see me becasue her parents think she needs to be punished for wkaing up5 min late. her appt was at 7:30 she woke up at 7:05...seriously..noone else was ready intil 7:28 and she was ready at 7:15 its soo not logical...i really want to just run away with her...

this could possibly be the worst day of my life....its like i just saw a car crash and see someone laying before me dying and i know i can't do anything but whatch the paramedics try to save them...i feel like i can't do anythign but be their for her and possibly report it to the police depending if it would make thigns worse or not..i discussed it with my mom becasue i trust her more than anyone in the world. she said just be their for her and talk to her every day etc..

i really hope her dad dies in a car accident tomrorow...its horrible for me to say that. but REAL men do not take their anger out on a child that they are sopose to love...she has 2 sisters and he never yells at them becasue they like hunting...thats the reason he is mad becuase she likes different things like being scene and she loves to swim she is a very very good swimmer...she beaks the A team all the time....i think her dad shouldn't be able to be around kids if your going to take all your anger out on one child that hasn't did anything wrong that has been a Straight A student since 1st grade and always obeys what you don't hit them 6 times and throw them down the stairs....he is nothing but a drunk...he wasn't drunk at the time but he dose drink alot...i hope he dies from alchol poisining...i really hope Karma/God gives him what he deserves....please pray for her tonight she needs every prayer she can get...i know i will be praying for her....i know...because i love her....

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