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emo_chris_ The Week... - Subscribe
hey everyone i havent posted in a long time hahaha its becuase i been grounded due to some grades i got but i usually have a way of convincing my mom to let me get to a computer hehe =) but nothing has happened lately but i have a friend coming down from botno to see me and i am soo excited i havent seen her since last summer she is one of my friends and ah i am soo hyped up to see and talk and hang out with her yea...its pretty cool hahahhaha i got some pictures from the show if you guys want to see them here they are!!


Me(screamer) spencer (one with guitar) and addison (one with the hat/bass guitar)

and you guys can check out the rest at

haha i am lazy so i just do that cuase i am on a laptop
so i am ganan go later!!!!
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emo_chris_ Hey Long Time! Feb 14th, 2005 5:46:34 pm - Subscribe
wow its been a amzingly long time for me to update i been doing lots of homework and messing around i guess i did manage to make a nother new website outa my like 100 this is my portfolio website i put work into cuase its for my portfolio for my photography i do i might turn it into a mini business who knows!!!!

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emo_chris_ school... Feb 16th, 2005 6:51:48 pm - Subscribe
school is one of the most stressful things i have ever encountered yet...if your familiar with the accelorated math program you might know what i am talking about. when you get behind you pretty much fail...well i was behind like 20 objectives and well i got caught up to like 14 behind and well i still had a bad grade and i told my mom cause i was happy i got caught up.....wrong idea she totally just yelled at me for being behind and pretty much said it was all my fault why i was behind and it isn't that shit is hard when you get behind =/ well i told her i couldn't stay after school casue i had to whatch my sister and then she said its not my fucken fault you have to whatch her its your fault and then i thought *what the fuck?* my fauly thast total b/s i said and she just kept bitching and bitching and bitching and you know what i don't fucken care anymore...This Is Pretty much just like the song i wrote
Desperation With A Hint Of Vodka....i guess i am going to go lay down...
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