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emo_chris_ Hey... - Subscribe
Hey I found this place and i love it!!! its soo cool its way better than that gay xanga (everyone at my school likes it but i don't becuase its not cool) haha but hmm what to write about...not sure but I am sure i will post here often and well this place rocks so much so i will catch you guys later!!!

Mood: excited/bored

emo_chris_ Nothing really... Jan 15th, 2005 11:32:47 pm - Subscribe
Well i havent been doing anything tonight except chating on msn and being bored outa my mind i can't stand winter i like it but when its -57 out its insane.. but i guess it has to get cold sometime but north dakota isn't very much fun so i guess i best make due with it. it gets hard to type when its that cold...(wonders off) but back to my point...who else hates it when their isn't anyhting to do on a saturday night when your guitar amp is broke and you have noone to be with.....
Mood: lackadaisical

emo_chris_ Best Friends Means To Pull The Trigger...Best Friends Means To Get What You Deserve... Jan 16th, 2005 12:11:03 am - Subscribe
Just listening to some TBS and i just got upset because all i see are couples and them being happy and i am alone with noone that i know that likes me i dunno maybe its just my being jealus that they have something and i don't or maybe selfishness that i want to have what they have but i hope someone will come along becuase i don't like being single its just not..."secure" not having anyone their to catch you when you fall ya know? you have friends they can do the same but they don't give you the affection you lack and need...most of all outa relationships i miss the afection of it all and being with that person and being able to love them and them to feel the same exact way back and taking back sunday pretty much hit the spot haha sitting in dark rooms writing lyrics (but the room is dark?) haha well thats not tbs lyrics but i dunno where it came from maybe its becuase i am typing insanly or something but i just have to hope right? becuase its either i dated all the girls that are acually my level/age or they are already dating someone and they are happy as can be, or their older than me and stuff but i live in pretty small town 12000 maybe and its not that big of a highschool (freshman) and it sucks hahahha oh well maybe we will get a student(girl) from a different town and she will be all rockish and emo and it will be a match hahaha oh well keep on hoping i guess!!!

Mood: bleh

emo_chris_ Band Practice....*sigh* Jan 17th, 2005 10:31:07 pm - Subscribe
Well today we decided to practice for a upcoming show (for those who have never been to a show or have any idea what a show is here is the def! *a show is known as a rockshow consisting of many different bands just to play for fun usually set up in a building/garage/aphi-theater most of our shows are put on in a place called the old armory and its in the basement with a mini stage and its a real fun time most of the bands are hardcore and some are emo/rock and we just play have fun mosh hardcore dance and have a good ol time!*

anyways we havent practiced since the last show *month and a half ago* and we have 6 days to come up with a couple new songs...well it didn't work haha the show is this saturday and if your in the williston area check it out! but we have 4 songs 2 of them new that we will play and well we just are to damn good and technical we make up songs so slow becuase we put to so much effort in them but i guess in the long run it works out the show isn't that big of a importance to us anyways so i guess it should work out fine but i hope it all gose well because i am just aaaaah stressed out this week highschool math sucks.

but i guess thats about it...sooooo.......i must go do somethign like sleep or something....
Mood: tense

emo_chris_ This is Desperation... Jan 21st, 2005 7:08:05 pm - Subscribe
Today i got really tired and i went to bed i woke up feeling like i was just like half asleep and half awake it was a shity feeling then i remember my dream was pretty dam awsome-

but otherwise that i guess thats about it i really havent been doing school homework so i should do that tonight i been lying to my mom and teacher and i plan to forge my dads sig *i don't like with him* so they dunno what it looks like so it should be a good plan...i hope...
Mood: desperate...