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emo_chris_ EARS! - Subscribe

my 7/16ths!!!!
Mood: Happy!

emo_chris_ 1/2 inch ears! Sep 8th, 2005 8:28:58 pm - Subscribe

i love my ears...
Mood: serious

emo_chris_ i hate life. Sep 9th, 2005 1:16:58 pm - Subscribe
so, i always buy my girlfriend stuff...all the time she dosn't do anything for me at all...she never even tries to surprise me with a gift from the heart. i was thinking last night that i need to stop-i have spent abroughly 600 dollars on this girl by buying her lunch everyday buying her gifts..driving her everywehre so i told her that i didn't want to giver her my money for lunch because she asked for it. and she totally freaked out and was calling me a asshole and blah...i really really need to either talk to her and tell her how i feel or dump her ass right now...
Mood: angry