Band Practice....*sigh*
Date: Jan 17th, 2005 10:31:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: tense

Well today we decided to practice for a upcoming show (for those who have never been to a show or have any idea what a show is here is the def! *a show is known as a rockshow consisting of many different bands just to play for fun usually set up in a building/garage/aphi-theater most of our shows are put on in a place called the old armory and its in the basement with a mini stage and its a real fun time most of the bands are hardcore and some are emo/rock and we just play have fun mosh hardcore dance and have a good ol time!*

anyways we havent practiced since the last show *month and a half ago* and we have 6 days to come up with a couple new songs...well it didn't work haha the show is this saturday and if your in the williston area check it out! but we have 4 songs 2 of them new that we will play and well we just are to damn good and technical we make up songs so slow becuase we put to so much effort in them but i guess in the long run it works out the show isn't that big of a importance to us anyways so i guess it should work out fine but i hope it all gose well because i am just aaaaah stressed out this week highschool math sucks.

but i guess thats about it...sooooo.......i must go do somethign like sleep or something....
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she_says - January 19th, 2005
woohoo! bands rock! i have a band, too. good timess.


emo_chris_ - January 19th, 2005
yea it should be fun but i dunno i am just to tired this week hahaha


comablack - January 19th, 2005
I hope you do good in the show. I really like seeing local bands and stuff like that. Some of them are great! Im sure you guys kick ass! Anyways, that's all.. So long. <3


marlene - January 19th, 2005
Well, there are tones of local bands here ...buuut, they just never put on shows. It's sucky, no bands get along here. Pfft.


hardcorkid - January 20th, 2005
the show is going to rock chris we will do fine.....Hanging Our Beloved......Forever


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