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Date: Jan 16th, 2005 12:11:03 am - Subscribe
Mood: bleh

Just listening to some TBS and i just got upset because all i see are couples and them being happy and i am alone with noone that i know that likes me i dunno maybe its just my being jealus that they have something and i don't or maybe selfishness that i want to have what they have but i hope someone will come along becuase i don't like being single its just not..."secure" not having anyone their to catch you when you fall ya know? you have friends they can do the same but they don't give you the affection you lack and need...most of all outa relationships i miss the afection of it all and being with that person and being able to love them and them to feel the same exact way back and taking back sunday pretty much hit the spot haha sitting in dark rooms writing lyrics (but the room is dark?) haha well thats not tbs lyrics but i dunno where it came from maybe its becuase i am typing insanly or something but i just have to hope right? becuase its either i dated all the girls that are acually my level/age or they are already dating someone and they are happy as can be, or their older than me and stuff but i live in pretty small town 12000 maybe and its not that big of a highschool (freshman) and it sucks hahahha oh well maybe we will get a student(girl) from a different town and she will be all rockish and emo and it will be a match hahaha oh well keep on hoping i guess!!!

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hardcorkid - January 16th, 2005
ahh shut up you pusssy!!!! so need to get laid mwhahaha..(cries self to sleep becasue not getting any either)..........

she_says - January 17th, 2005
you sound just like me. all i ever do is piss and moan about those damn happy couples. they're everywhere! i know how you feel, being lonely is tough. just keep looking! you'll find someone


emo_chris_ - January 17th, 2005
yea..we sound alot alike haha..ever think of moving to nd? hahaha yea right nd sucks so don't ever come here even if you had to just don't! but yea i hope i find someone its either i dated them and it went wrong or ended up as friendship or they arn't even my type or they already have a boyfriend and are just friends with me *sigh*...


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