Date: Jan 15th, 2005 10:45:22 pm - Subscribe
Mood: excited/bored

Hey I found this place and i love it!!! its soo cool its way better than that gay xanga (everyone at my school likes it but i don't becuase its not cool) haha but hmm what to write about...not sure but I am sure i will post here often and well this place rocks so much so i will catch you guys later!!!

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heartstone - January 15th, 2005
yea this place is pretty cool....and yea xanga is pretty gay i used to have one of them...but i just stopped posting


david - January 15th, 2005
If you guys think emoblog is cool now, wait till version 2 is released.

she_says - January 15th, 2005
I agree with you on the xanga subject. There's way too many people there for my liking. North Dakota? What's it like up there? sounds intriguing.


emo_chris_ - January 15th, 2005
well its really fucken cold! hahahaha its nice the scenery is really nice lots of nice ppl tons of bands for the venue but emo has been dying around here being replaced with hardcore but i hope it changes cuase you gotta have both ya know...umm its pretty nice in all decent summers cold winders thats about all that is up here hahaha


hardcorkid - January 16th, 2005
yes hahaha i agreee..since i also live in the same town in north dakota and is in the same band as chris but i like how the music is changing but on the ohter hand i like the emo bands that werer here at one time but time will tell


comablack - January 19th, 2005
Hey.. I never got to welcome you before. But hey, welcome and I hope you like it here.. Happy Blogging..


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