relationships aren\'t what they should be..
Date: Jun 6th, 2005 9:39:04 pm - Subscribe
Mood: used

so, i been thinking about this girl and everything ya know...and i still can't get it out of my mind that she is using veryfy the facts she dated around 25 but did stuff with like 5...i guess but its still really shity situation...i can't really stand it but i really like her ya know but blah! its just blah blha blah blah blah haha i don't really know what i should do really...its kinda messeed up...oh well time will tell i guess

-Wish me luck!
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anonymous - June 06th, 2005
If you really think she is using you, get out now. Don't ever let another person have too much power over you. Things will get better. Unfortuntely we all have to experience pain sometimes to find better things.


xmidnightx - June 07th, 2005
good luck, do what you feel in here *points to chest*

always follow your heart


anonymous - June 07th, 2005
I can't speak for all girls but personally, I like when a guy makes me work a little for him. When you are always there for her, she may tend to take you for granted. Next time you talk to her maybe slip into a conversation that you were wondering if her friend was currently single or the next time she calls tell her you're on the other line with Sheryl (or whatever). Make her realize that losing you is a possibility if she continues to treat you the way she has been.

...Wow I think I may be channeling Dr. Phil...

xOxo Hope whatever you do works out!xOxO


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