Date: Jun 7th, 2005 8:31:40 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pisst off / angry / upset / no use to live

so its my friends b day and i get her something ya know...then my gf is like so you get her a gift and not me? i said..its her b day and she told me she got me something and i said i didn't ask for it i told you not to get me something and so i give my friend her present and then i kinda touched my gf's sunburn ya know and she starts hitting me (*i understand that*) then she starts kickign me (i am in my friends car with inline skates on *just got done at skatepart*) and so i had enough i said thats it its over and i got out of the car and i started to go away and she starts screaming at me if you leave i am going to be mad so i kinda taungted her then she flipped me off and walked away well being the person i am and the feeling she said to me and how she thought she understood me i thought that she would understand its a joke and welli just started to leave so she runs after me and yells why do you do this to me?

do this to you? look at all what you have done to me i should be saying the same thing to you.

then i leave and i go for about 4 blocks and she calls me and tells me to come back i said okay and blah she just asked my why and i didn' want to be there so i just sia di dunni won't do it again so i could leave beacuse i didn't want to talk to her at that moment and i still dont =/ my life is tooo dramatic or something haha
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she_says - June 09th, 2005
oh the drama. sounds like you're not into this chick as much as you think you are lol
but then again, in anyone ever happy in a relationship? probably not happy.gif


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