I can't believe I'll miss you
Date: Nov 21st, 2008 8:19:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: angsty

Can you shut your mouth and listen when I tell you about my day?
Can you stop and wait for me to catch up instead of just slowing down?
Can you just let me take a nap on the sofa when I get home from school?
Can you remember to fill out my school forms before they are due?
Can you let me organize my room the way I want?
Can you buy American cheese, not Swiss, because I'm the one who eats it, not you.
Can you not argue with dad in front of me?
Can you not pick on all my insecurities?
Can you wake up on time so we're not late?
Can you be supportive for once?
Can you show me that you're proud of the little things I do?
Can you not talk about your "audlt problems" and how "hard" your life is?
Can you control yourself when we go out?
Can you trust that I'll call if I need you?
Can you not blame me for everything going wrong in your life?
Can you not say "he is a fucking asshole"?
Can you respond when I ask you a simple question?
Can you make it so I don't cry when you're gone?
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