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Band Night, Town, Bye Bye Simon, I wont miss you Jul 2nd, 2005 1:58:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood | unloved
Dancing to | Hot Hot Heat \'Bandages\'

'lo. Mid, you are right. I really need to update! So much has happened, and I tell no lies!


We broke up. And that is all I really need to say. Other than this was our convasation:

Simon is playing basketball in the gym. Emily walks over to the door.

Emily: Hey Si, can I have a word?

Simon walks over to Emily and sticks head through door just slightly

Simon: Yeah I know

Emily: *?!?!?!?!?!?!?* Who with a what now?

Simon: That it's crap

Emily: Ooooohhhh. Yeah. We should end this.

Simon: Yeah.

Emily: Mates?

Simon laughs alot then nods. Emily walks away


As you can see, a very interesting convasation. He apparently then proceeded to make-out with someone on the bus. I feel that this relationship was, sacred. Sort of. Not. In Spanish my mate Cat pointed out to me that I was really relaxed and HAVING FUN.

Band Night:

This actually happend the night before I broke up with Simon. Me and Cat decided to go to my local school's Band Night. We got the private school (its so shamefull) but alot of our mates go to the college. Including Adi. It was fab. Adi plays drums. They did a fab version of Under the Bridge (RCHP) at the end which was gorgeous. The final band's singer was so good. It was a really great night.


Today I went to town with..Adi. We saw Jim and Josh.H (some people from where I live and mates of Adi) for like a seconed. Then we just hung out, it was really nice. He didn't try anything, not that that surprises me! We then hung out with Jim for a while after that which was nice. We saw Alia for a bit as well. Actually we save Dave too. Buut here is the big thing:

Last weekend Alia and Adi went to the cinema. As friends. I was with Simon so I couldnt exactly stop them. Alia told me nothing would happen. It did. Cat told me. Adi doesn't know I know, nor does Alia. Adi hasnt told me and Im really anoyed about that. He never keeps stuff from me. Ever. I can't tell him I know though. Its difficult. Cat says that Adi really regrets it and almost loves me. But I somehow doubt that. Alia is a nice girl.



This is one long entry. And my final peice is about Matt. I don't know if you know matt. He was my ex. We went out for 8 months. And I was practicaly in LOVE with him. He is the only guy I have been further than kissing with. Not all the way though.

Anyway, we went out and is was perfect then one day, out of the blue he dumped me by text I assumed we would get back together, because we always did. We didnt. I have'nt seen him since. There was a while back, a happening which involved him slagging me off. Anyway.

I am a strong beleiver in fate That everything means something and happens for a reason. Everytime me and Matt were together I would be wearing my snake ring. I tell no lies, everytime we broke up (the mini ones..) I lost it. Whether sub-conciously or not, I did. I lost it a week after we broke up for good. Jem tells me on wednesday that Matt and his Girlfriend have broken up. On friday the ring was found by my mate Amy. It is definately my ring as it is weirdly squashed from when I (no joke) bit it. I don't, so DON'T. Want to be mixed up in matt again.


What does this mean?

Emily xx Love to everyone here xx

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kayjay July 02nd, 2005

wow... that is a bit weird... a simallar thing happened with me and my ex... i got her this ring that had all these lil gems around it and everytime we fought, one gem seems to just fall off....



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