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New Poem Jun 19th, 2005 1:58:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood | drowsy
Dancing to | Ash \'Someday\'

I wrote a new poem (thanks for the comments on the last entry!! You both much inspired this!). I put it onto my poem page. But here it is also. Thanks to xmidnightx who gave me the title to this, without realising it! Good luck with the naming of the pony (name it Pomplemouse, or Pomples for short!). Pop onto my poem page to read more about the poems inspirations and background! (Scroll down, on my last blog is the link to it). So without further 'ado..poem..

Diablo Summers and Those You Cannot See

Eternal gauze and
Diablo dabbling
Of perfect skies
Drunk on apathy
Streaming on
Down on
Further down the river
For that sacred lie
So much God-sent
That it no longer rekons
With the saints
At least

Emily x

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evie June 19th, 2005

That's pretty. I really dig it.

crowsblood June 20th, 2005

I love those kinds of poems. You know, with the short lines. ^_^ It makes them mysterious.

iix8vii June 26th, 2005


Your photos are cute by the way... :-p

xmidnightx July 02nd, 2005

hey emily! you havent updated in AGES! :'( hehe! update, update, update! tounge.gif




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