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Poems Jun 18th, 2005 11:44:44 am - Subscribe
Mood | smelly
Dancing to | Badly Drawn Boy \'You Were Right\'

For those who didn't know, I write poetry! Someone I know had a 'thing' on this poetry site. I made one. The link :


Go there to read some of my stuff. Only posted two poems so far (one of which originally was put on here!). Enjoy.

Emily x

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raine June 18th, 2005

Wow. You are extremely talented. I love your poetry! Especially "A Silent Movie I Think" - the images! Post more, please?

hopeless__ June 19th, 2005

wowyou write poetry, i used to but then realised im betta off just writting lyrics and drawing,,,i think poetry is one of the best waiiz to express ones-self,,,so i think i will go check it outz! lols...baibai

xmidnightx June 19th, 2005

WOW EMILY! you are an amazing poet! and thanks for the little summer and diablo thing in there! tounge.gif they are cute names arent they! i feel speshul! where abouts in england art thou from?




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