love songs to the pacific ocean

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[today] Jul 7th, 2011 10:48:40 pm - Subscribe

the wind changes
shifting senses

dry summer heat
and now, late,
the storm arriving

these days spent
learning never to
expect anything,
fate altered

and restless air
is electric, my
signals crossed or
I'd have gone elsewhere

but you drew me -
inexplicable magnet -
chance transformed

wanting to reach
for you, a new path

just to know how
it'd feel, holding you

to discover if you'd
taste as I imagine
like the summer storm

these days I never
expect anything, only
wonder and hope
and feel the air shifting

something electric
in you pulls me in
signals crossing,
wires sparking

want you to see
I am here, open,
if your path changes

a quiet storm in
the summer twilight.

[I am] charged.

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avatar fiona

July 12th, 2011

Oh!! I like that one very much! You should enter it in some kind of competition.

I'm glad to see you are current. Now I shall have some motivation to post here too. Yay!!

PS What are those things on your background? o_O

I have another little blog here too. Do you like Yuna? lol

avatar fiona

July 12th, 2011

Holy crapparolly! How do you read this font on the background?? lol I'm going to have to ask Firefox to take the styles off. haha. Yeah, and I'm gettin' so old the little font is making me BLINDER! lol And I can't decipher the captchas. I'm a MESS! :-p

avatar zatherus

July 28th, 2011

I really like this. I never realized you kept this going >.<. Perhaps I will have to start back up.

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