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The cover by Cat Power, makes me sad. But, I love it. I am a sucker for sad, beautiful songs. Likewise, I am a sucker for sad and beautiful people.

If any of you could suggest a band, or singer. Even a song, would be nice. Piano, violin? Anything sad and beautiful... I do not know why it is, but recently I have been craving this. For example, I have listened to the following in the last hour or so;

'9 Crimes' - Damien Rice.
'Landlocked Blues' - Bright Eyes.
'Happiness By The Kilowatt' - City and Colour.
'The Blower's Daughter' - Damien Rice.
'Sugarcane' - Missy Higgins.
'Jesus' - Brand New.
'Everything I Once Had' - The Honorary Title.
'Set Fire To The Third Bar' - Snow Patrol.
'Wonderwall [Cover]' - Cat Power.
'The Story' - Brandi Carlile.
'Poison Oak' - Bright Eyes.
'There Is a Light [Cover]' - David Ford.
'Mad World' - Gary Jules.
'Samson' - Regina Spektor.
'John Wayne Gacy Jr.' - Sufjan Stevens.
'Passion Play' - William Fitzsimmons.
'Almost Lover' - A Fine Frenzy.

Those are some examples, I suppose? Just whenever you find time, or come along something, just post it. I know this is an odd request. I am also looking, and maybe this will help with the results.


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