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I am angry. I have been angry. I can no longer stand these immature people in my life, who need to grow up. Of course, upon trying to slowly edge them away and out of my life, this starts drama. I do not know what to do. Tomorrow, a speaker from a local liberal arts school is coming. I really dislike being on the spot, I am shy. Very shy. I do not like when A. walks around in my art class, looking at other people's work; she crosses her arms, uncrosses them, crosses them, and sighs, "Hmm," and walks away. Yeah? Well, shove off. I cannot stand you and your, "I am so much better than you," attitude.

On the other hand, when I watch 'Fight Club', it helps to subside my anger and resentment to my "peers." I very much enjoyed the book, and when I first watched it, I was with D. I can tell you about it. This is after all, a stupid rant, read by anyone. I suppose.

Beginning... I was with D., who has since committed suicide, and only a few days after my birthday. I will save that for another time though. I was with D., and we had just gone back to his house from eating out. Probably some Italian restaurant, as silly as it sounds. Or maybe, it was 'The Roxy', downtown. We used to go there for soup, or cheese fries. It was getting later in the evening when I decided that I would spend the night. Have you ever had that euphoric feeling, with no drugs? That's what I felt. I had a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer in it, he was drinking some citrus tea, if I remember right. I do not remember exactly how our conversation went, but it was short, and direct. Probably something like the following.

"Want to watch a movie, Fille?"
"That sounds good."
"A opinion-altering movie? Or a nice movie?"
"The former."
"All righty then."

And, so, 'Fight Club' it was. After that, we went out to his overly-small balcony, and then up to the roof. And talked. D., I wish you weren't dead, and gone for good.

Bright Eyes makes me think of him.

-'Landlocked Blues.'

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xbang_bang - December 13th, 2007
Immature people suck, I know how you feel.


marlene - December 13th, 2007
That really got to me. I can't imagine losing someone dear to suicide or anything. That'd be hard.
Keep strong.

Fight Club is an amazing movie. In my top five for sure.

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