Date: Nov 1st, 2005 10:11:06 pm - Subscribe

a picture of the people you've impressed
hangs on a wall around here
visions starts to crawl around the air
and the evening waits
while you get caught up to your own mistakes
made up of different lines
wouldn't want to keep in my mind....

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trick or treat?
Date: Oct 31st, 2005 11:13:34 am - Subscribe

trackplay.sour times//portishead//dummy (1994).
just wanted to drop every1 a line: Happy Halloween. be safe out there. if you're having a party bash though, try not to fuck yourself too much binging on those cases.
currently gaming:fatal frame ii: crimson butterfly

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weekend fright night
Date: Oct 29th, 2005 6:02:11 pm - Subscribe

I was channel surfing awhile ago and damn, there's several great horror-suspense flicks on later night's tv programming. (gotta love Halloween)

So let's summarize the lowdowns:
Space - The Blair Witch Project (1999) (seen it, but didn't quite really dig into it)

CTV - Ginger Snaps (2000) (this I gotta see)

OMNI-2 - Ring Virus (1999) (a Korean emulation of the original Japanese ver. I haven't seen it but I think I might get glimpses as I flip through channels back and forth)

Showcase - Halloween: Resurrection (2002) (seen the part where it was about to end 3-yrs. ago when we were still in New Jersey. I might see it)

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Date: Oct 17th, 2005 4:26:24 pm - Subscribe
Mood: confined

trackplayi caught fire//the used//in love and death (2005)

I seem to be coming across anomic-disoriented entries. I'm guessing everyone here's in their teens? I've been there. (yes, I'm old enough to be your (older) brother) Everyone seems to be in isolation mode. That's alright. Everybody does. Maybe except people who buys their own friends.

I've no friends or whatsoever. Maybe there's 2, only two. I don't get to see them or anything cause' they live an hour or so from my place, and that we each have our own lives to flow. I used to have friends, not a lot, but we'd hang. I broke everything off just one day. I realized, I am not to be used, not to be bought, not be look down upon. I'm alright somehow. I'm still breathing. I'll find the right people..maybe.... I'm extremely shy and anti-social, which makes things more complex than they already are...for me. That's why I always have my iPod with me wherever I walk. Music is my close friend. Its also why I no longer wrist-slash like how I was back then. Cause' I know there are others out there who are more unfortunate than how my current circumstances are. I'll just put on my smiling-face mask and everyone will know that I'm okay. happy.gif

If you don't mind, I'm not really in the same disposition as you are there. You may feel like shit and everything else, but you still have a soul. I didn't sold mine or anything. I just lost it at some point in my past life. Now I'm crying cause' I'm still looking for it. After all, I need to love in order for them to give me the love I need in return. It would not be fair to them. I probably won't be logging here for a while so... But I'll be around reading each's blogs. Because in a way, you don't make me feel totally alienated and alone in this fucked up existence of mine. peace!

update: (10:34pm) I just finished watching, The New Music, its a half-hour music show here in Canada, and as you can see from the name, it features upcoming artists or indie bands no one's (really) heard of. I'm in need of some fresh sounds after tirelessly listening to mainstream thrash on the local radio station or those overrated music vids I see on MTV and MuchMusic.

According to this online news article I read (I'm having trouble looking for it now, but if I find it eventually, I'll post it here), of the consumers who have the 3rd-Gen (20-60gig) iPod, only 20% of them were surveyed to have over 1,000 songs in their own iPods. I got mine in the Summer of 2004 when we were still living in New Jersey. Honestly, up until now, I only have over 600 songs in it. So as you can see, I'll be 60-yrs-old and I still won't be able to fill at least 80% of its storage capacity lol! I've been listening to a lot of indie and trying to occassionally know more electronica/trance genre as well.

But from this night's eps. of The New Music, I'm gonna check out, K'naan. I don't normally listen to Urban sounds, but this guy isn't anything like 50cent or Mr. I've-gots-the-bling-blingz we'd usually see on MTV. This guy has a different concept, and most of all, his music came from his roots and his heart. So check him out. Just so you wanna know what other acts they profiled from tonight's eps., some of you may (or have) already know them: Interpol (I have their, Turn On the Bright Lights LP, it rocks!), Beck (we already know him), Black Mountain, Annie, and gigs at this year's 2005 Pop Montreal.


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