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Mood: Tired but happy

Listening to: Genocide- Offspring

Well today was kind of a long day but it was fun. Last period we had this huge World Studies exam with like 30 multiple choice, 5 short answer, 2 essay ques and also map ques so it was treat to go to the movies afterschool we went to go see the incredibles which was awesome because when the preview for revenge of the sith came on after it was done we all clapped and there were only like seven people in the theater and so we didnt have to worry about getting kincked out. Then I walked back to school because my parents were picking me up from there with my friend which was funny because we kind of forgot the way for like 2 secs and then he remembred. Next week is the last week before we go to break! Yeah I might go to the movies of a friend of mine my ex bioyfriend/best friend in the world ever is that possible for ur ex to be your best freind? Well he was my freind first so he's the best.....we go to different hs so its a long time that we're doing something.....
Also I have to get my freind something we did secret santa among oursleves my freinds and I and I have to get him something I know he's really into the zen stuff so......

Wow! that was long post, well life is actually strating to get interesting cool....It's cool being high school i have a like a life happy.gif

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david - December 23rd, 2004
Hey sara long time no blog, I hope everyhing is going well. Well, just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays. Hope to see you blogging soon!


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