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Nov 11th, 2004 1:20:40 pm - Subscribe
Mood: depressed yet amused (is that possible?)

Even though its been a depressing past couple of days this "quote" from the onion is humorous:

"The alliance between the tiny fraction at the top of the pyramid and the teeming masses of mouth-breathers at its enormous base has never been stronger," a triumphant Bush said. "We have an understanding, them and us. They help us stay rich, and in return, we help them stay poor. See? No matter what naysayers may think, the system works."

Added Bush: "God bless America's backwards hicks, lunchpail-toting blockheads, doddering elderly, and bumpity-car-driving Spanish-speakers."

Dumb hicks when will they ever learn for them terrorism is the most important thing yeah terrorists really are eying the corn fields and the stables they don't care about the metropolitan areas as they said in the daily show with jon stewart: The red states are supposedly trying to protect us blue states they apparently know what's best for us.....

Even though New York where 9/11 took place voted overwhelmingly for Kerry.....

"Now that the Republicans run Congress, the White House, and soon the Supreme Court, they'll just have to invent some new branches of government to dominate, as well."

"Our nation may be bitterly divided, but at least our government can agree on being ultra-conservative."

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