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Nov 28th, 2004 3:44:54 pm - Subscribe

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Well I finally changed my template what do you guys think? Was the last one better cause I kinda think it was but I just looove the red hot chilli peppers.....
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crowsblood - November 28th, 2004
I don't remember your old template ((I'm sure I've seen it)), but, yeah, this one's good! **thumbs up** If you really wanna change it, though, use Macromedia Dreamweaver. I love using that for templates! ^^

Template heaven . . **dreamy sigh**


david - November 28th, 2004
[04:01pm]euphoric: does nayone know who check the email of emoblo because I replied back for the writer thing for blogs and stuff but I still haven't gotten a message back pls if anyone has info about this pls email me at or chat here.

euphoric, we never recieved an email from you.


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