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wierd, doesn't pay attention, nice though.........


grunge rock, metal, emo, alternative, classical rock, anime (action,sci-fi, horror), video games, computer programming, web design, watching movies, writing songs, just surfing the web, talking, laughing, proving people their wrong, talking bad about bush, imagining my dream band called Jason and the Argonauts, DDR, drawing, making fun of the cool kids, singing to the get up kids, pretending to play the guitar part to my favorite songs, waving my hands as if im playing the drums to my favortie drum part to my favorite songs, dancing in front of the mirror all stupid like, playing basketball, watching baseball, talking about baseball, dissing the Yankees, dissing the Cardinals, cheering for the cubbies, cheering for the red sox, making music using a 4 track, talking about music, talking about grunge rock, talking about nirvana, dissing axl, talking and teaching people new facts about kurt, wishing that i would grow up faster, driving (when i learn how to), riding my bike, rollerbladding, playing guitar(I WISH!), being in love, making adults annoyed, doing fake karate moves, EATING, sleeping, taking long walks by muself, talking to myself, sending my enemies viruses, watching T.V., Hello Kitty evrything!, chuck taylors (I love the pretty colors), dreaming about the hot bassist from Maroon 5, Johnny Depp, and Colin Farell, making foreign accents, reading, rhcp, and the list goes on and on.........
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