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eutrice Tale of a dieing man - Subscribe

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I was in the park near the hot springs, I was gathering sip root that grows at the edge of the forest that borders it. I was just about to send Grunk in to do the dirty work when I saw a petite, dark haired slave girl with remarkable eyes.

Of course, I sent her in with shovel and basket to gather the roots from the bog of wet, sticky mud. And as she went about this unsavory task we spoke. She asked me questions about poison, one of my favorite topics, so I engaged the beast in conversation. She informed me of man that she knows, She told me his veins are visable through his skin and are black in color. This is obviously the work of poison and I am curious to find out what type. I provided the girl with my name and the location of the clinic. I hope to get a sample of his blood soon. I am eager to analyze him and his condition. I may even be able to provide an antidote if there is time. I suspect the man she speaks of his her Master for her concern for him was easily read upon her face. I will do my best, that is if the man ever swallows his pride enough to allow a woman to help him.
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eutrice Observations Jan 11th, 2007 1:33:27 pm - Subscribe
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I spent a better part of the day in the Arena. I have a subject there I am studying. He is just a fighting slave, not of any consequence to anyone really. I often pay the handlers a good deal of coin to test out new medications on these slaves. I injected this one with the poison from a cosian wing fish, of course it was modified and mixed with other medications, so it is not deadly. I am testing it as a pain medication, as it is said that the poison of these fish has a numbing effect.

I did note some drooling, an increase in body temperature and some itching in and around the testicles. So, I will be making some adjustments in the ratio. Needless to say, it did not kill him. I am taking him back to my lab for further observations. I have purchased him from the Arena just in case he does die during the duration of the experiement. I think that is only fair.

I also spent some time in the Hot Springs looking for the slave girl with the beautiful eyes. But, I was not able to find her. I am curious as to the health of her Master. I hope we run into each other before it is to late.
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eutrice Flesh is weak Jan 16th, 2007 12:04:35 pm - Subscribe
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I have spent the better part of the last few days sequestered away in my lab. The fighting slave I purchased is showing signs of weakness. I have tried several different combinations of medications of him, and I think, it is beginning to be more than his body can handle.

Needless to say I have to give him time to recover. On to other matters.

The slave girl, the one with the unusual eyes has yet to bring me the vial. I will seek her out myself. I am not exactly known to be the most patient woman after all. Ar is a large city and the chances of finding her are slim at best. But I am as stubborn as I am impatient, so I may just locate her. I am anxious to see if she got the blood sample and overly curious to find out what is in it.

And on a different note, I met with Thadius again last evening. He brought me a bundle of flowers of all things, very charming even if it is an overdone gesture. I invited him in and spoke with him as I placed the flowers in a vase of cool water. He kept adjusting the scabbard over his shoulder, he was either nervous or planning to kill me, I am still not sure which it was. He stayed for a meal, simple fare, bread, cheese and meat. I am not much of a cook as I do not have the time for it. He informed me that Ranus is on the move again and headed back toward Ar. I am anxious to see what he will do when he finds me here. We did not end our relationship of the best of terms. It is odd how some men do not take well to being poisoned. It was innocent really, an accident. Of course, he does not believe me and called me a wretched, horrible woman. I merely found his inability to keep his temper in check amusing. I am sure he thought I would have scattered like so many leaves in the wind. I am not that easily frightened and I am not about to run. I am on my way out to search for the slave girl, I know I gave her the location of the lab, but perhaps she misplaced it. Such a thing coming from a simple slave girl would not surprise me.
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eutrice I am wicked Jan 17th, 2007 10:37:50 am - Subscribe
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He called me wicked and then he wept. I almost laughed. The fighting slave thinks me wicked. I enjoyed the power I found in that statement. I have reduced a man to tears and they were sweet. Perhaps, there is some genetic flaw within me that makes my blood course with adrenaline at the sight of them. I am emotionally deficient, or so my mother told me.

Women are to be kind and yielding and the caretakers. And being a Physician I should fill this need two fold. I suppose my lack of mercy comes from some base need to protect myself from the misery that surrounds me. Then again, perhaps I just do not care.

In life we each play a role, someone must be the victor and someone must be the victim. To the victor goes the spoils, no one ever backs the loser. So, I simply will not lose. I took a handful of his greasy hair within my hand and I forced his head back. It was glorious to have beaten him down to the point he was longing for death.

Of course, I realize if I did not have him chained to a wall, he would strike out and kill me. Even in his weakened state he could overpower me with ease. He is an animal after all and when an animal is trapped it will do anything to survive. He hates me, I can see it shining in his eyes, it is the only thing keeping him alive, his hatred of me. And I tell him so, I am not so unmerciful that I will not grant him what I know he will not have the courage to ask for. And as the needle slips past his skin, and the plunger is pushed I promise him this will be the last time.
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eutrice Sweet agony of death Jan 18th, 2007 9:16:47 am - Subscribe
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Last evening I killed a man, I watched as the ost poison entered his blood, I watched the startled expression on his face as his heart stopped for the effects of ost poison are nearly immediate. His fingers curled inward, his legs cramped and he drew himself into a fetal position and then he was gone. It was... interesting. I sat there for over an ahn and I was shaken, I could not move, I could barely breath. I had taken a life and it was on purpose. I lifted from the chair I was in, I walked to the lavatory and I wretched until there was nothing left to wretch.

Grunk found me there, he comforted me, he thought it was an accident. He carried me to my couch, he placed a cool cloth to my forehead and he brought me a cup of tea. I could not even drink it. I never imagined I would react this way to the end of a mortal life, it happens every day and usually it is unexpected. But, I was the maestro, this was my own personal hellish symphony and I had written the last note. I cannot go back into the room, I do not wish to look at him, to see the mask of agony that was his final expression. I had planned to ask him questions, like how are you feeling, where does it hurt, are you afraid. But, I could not as there just was not time.

Grunk and I will get rid of the body this morning, I will have him place it in the back of the wagon and we will take it in the direction of Tor and when we are far from where prying eyes can witness my misdeed, we will burn it. I do not dare bury it, for the toxins in it may get into the ground water and it might make people ill. It is odd how I care if it makes people ill. I did not care for the poor fighting slave, but then again he was just a slave. Perhaps, that is why my guilt and remorse are already waning. I wonder what it would feel like to take the life of a freeman. I am sure the rush would be far greater.
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