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The anger in his eyes is crystalline. The blood on my lips crimson. And in that moment I hated him more than I had ever hated another creature and at the same time I could do nothing in retaliation.

It is not due to the fact that I could not, it is because I do not want to. I could easily destroy him as I have destroyed so many before him but I cannot even stomach the thought of it.

Besides, his anger was justified, I had just asked a man of honor, of strict code and tradition to help me kill a man without just cause or reason. I had made a mockery of everything he stands for.

Perhaps he will force me to my knees and make me his slave. I must say at times the urge just to give in and let someone else bare the burden of my life is enticing. To just let go completely, surrender. Of course this is not possible, I am simply not the sort of woman who gives in for any reason.

To be cont...
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