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eutrice The spider leaves her web - Subscribe
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It has been days, I know. But I have not written for good reason. Grunk awoke me from a sound sleep a few nights past. He looked generally frightened. It seems the Arian guard were looking for a woman accused in a poisoning. He, of course, assumed it was me. He demanded that I get up and get dressed and that we headed out of Ar for a hand or so. As I did not know the circumstances of the situation and because I trust Grunk above all others, I packed a small bag and I scurried out into the night.

He had a wagon waiting. We rode all night, two guardsmen flanking the back of the wagon for my protection, it is never wise to travels the streets outside of Ar at night, there are wild animals and outlaws to contend with. Fortunately, we had no such problems and we arrived safely in Ar Station.

I have taken up residence in an Inn called the Happy Herlit. It is clean, it is quiet and it is affordable. Grunk will be heading back to Ar this evening to follow the progress of the search. I remain in the capable hands of Capilis, one of Grunk's trusted friends. I will remain in Ar station until such time he informs me it is safe to come back.

The fighting slave I had purchased was returned to the arena, I could not have the poor man starving to death in my cellar, though that process may at some point be interesting to watch and make note of.

For now, however. I will enjoy the quiet solitude of my room and my meals brought to me by Capilis. Speaking of the man Capilis, he looks at me with lust in his eyes. The poor dear, I wonder if I should break his heart and inform him, I have never nor do I intend ever to engage in pleasures of the flesh. I think I will just let him fantasize instead. It is far more wicked and delicious.
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eutrice Back to the web Jan 30th, 2007 8:21:09 am - Subscribe

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The situation in Ar has quieted down and I have returned to the nest. I have reopened the clinic and it will soon be business as usual. I am not sure what happened with the search, but Grunk assures me I have nothing to fear. I am now in need of another fighting slave, then again I have sort of lost my taste for experimenting, at least for now. I had a letter from my father waiting for me when I returned. It seems he would like me to enter into a contract of companionship and move on with my life, start a family all that nonsense. I have enclosed the letter with this entry.

My Dearest Eutrice,

I hope life finds you well enough. Your mother and I have not heard from you in almost a passing hand and as we live in Ar and you could easily find you way here we find that all rather unacceptable. Please find the time to stop by so your mother will stop complaining to me. but, I digress. The reason for this correspondence is this. You have reached the age of companionship, in fact you have passed it. I want to start actively looking for a companion for you, it is required by caste that you bare two children and I want you to make that a top priority. Do not make me force the issue, Eutrice. I assure you if you do so it will not be pleasant for either of us and you know exactly what I am referring to. I will be contacting you later in the hand.


I, of course have no intention of bending to his will. I have never been much of one to bend. But, I will let him entertain the illusion I am listening to him. The man Thadius stopped by again, it was if he were waiting for me. He is a Physician, like myself, but somehow odd. It is as if he is constantly watching over his shoulder. I refilled his med kit with supplies as he requested. He quizzed me on poisons, I am not sure why. I answered his questions and left it at that. And as I must be up early, I am going to keep this short, I am sure I will write again tomorrow.
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