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I spent a better part of the day in the Arena. I have a subject there I am studying. He is just a fighting slave, not of any consequence to anyone really. I often pay the handlers a good deal of coin to test out new medications on these slaves. I injected this one with the poison from a cosian wing fish, of course it was modified and mixed with other medications, so it is not deadly. I am testing it as a pain medication, as it is said that the poison of these fish has a numbing effect.

I did note some drooling, an increase in body temperature and some itching in and around the testicles. So, I will be making some adjustments in the ratio. Needless to say, it did not kill him. I am taking him back to my lab for further observations. I have purchased him from the Arena just in case he does die during the duration of the experiement. I think that is only fair.

I also spent some time in the Hot Springs looking for the slave girl with the beautiful eyes. But, I was not able to find her. I am curious as to the health of her Master. I hope we run into each other before it is to late.
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