Tale of a dieing man
Date: Jan 10th, 2007 8:21:47 am - Subscribe
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I was in the park near the hot springs, I was gathering sip root that grows at the edge of the forest that borders it. I was just about to send Grunk in to do the dirty work when I saw a petite, dark haired slave girl with remarkable eyes.

Of course, I sent her in with shovel and basket to gather the roots from the bog of wet, sticky mud. And as she went about this unsavory task we spoke. She asked me questions about poison, one of my favorite topics, so I engaged the beast in conversation. She informed me of man that she knows, She told me his veins are visable through his skin and are black in color. This is obviously the work of poison and I am curious to find out what type. I provided the girl with my name and the location of the clinic. I hope to get a sample of his blood soon. I am eager to analyze him and his condition. I may even be able to provide an antidote if there is time. I suspect the man she speaks of his her Master for her concern for him was easily read upon her face. I will do my best, that is if the man ever swallows his pride enough to allow a woman to help him.
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