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evie New here - Subscribe
Ok so i have a blog now. um, im not sure what exactly to say so i guess i'll start from some random place. im Ev, i like music, my fave band of all time is weezer. i listen to a lot of other stuff, but no one really cares. tounge.gif i like to read, write(poetry and short stories) paint, draw and act. im in a play right now. my best friend's mom is the community play director. she has this deal with a creepy guy named carson who writes these plays with singing and stuff. seems childish but there's swearing and adult content going on so i guess it all evens out. the play is gonna be in august but this carson dude hasnt finished the script so it really bites. thats pretty much it for my life today.
Mood: thirsty

evie stupid drama Jul 20th, 2004 1:04:13 pm - Subscribe
i dont think i'll ever escape the drama. i just wish i could let go. i went out with this guy for like 11 months and it just didnt work out. we both had things that were important to us that we couldnt be there for each other. it was a stupid relationship and it only lasted bcuz we were afraid of being alone. but i still care about him and hes chosen this lifestyle for himself and it drives me crazy. hes an alcoholic and a pothead, and not in a good way. his mom's dying and she depends on me to take care of him. which isnt fair but i love them both so badly enough im willing to fullfill my god-given duty of making sure the poor kid turns out alright. its wearing me out and he wants nothing to do with me. its impossible to change him but i guess i just have to back off. there's not much else to do. i need to get back to my own life. Weezer time grin.gif
Mood: hurty

evie stuff is neato! Jul 22nd, 2004 1:40:16 pm - Subscribe
i just got new glasses. river cuomo style. real bitchin. it just drives me nuts to know that they're the big thing now. i hate seeing people in converse hightops and emo glasses, then an aeropostale` hoodie. there's two things i hate on this planet, avril lavigne and avril lavigne haters. shes anoying but get over it. shes here to stay. its a matter of time before the 8 year old punks on this planet grow up and get the shit beat out of them. and i'll be in "Mattersville" by then so im good.
well now that i got my stupid opinion on modern culture across, back to life. so im still in this summer play, and the script still isnt written. alison's on the verge of a nervous breakdown but its her own damn fault for being so naive. last night at practice she threw a fit cuz i had to go home sick. she usually isnt like that but i guess i cant blame her. i just cant wait till aug. 6&7 to perfom in the unfinished play. im gonna shoot carson.
Mood: nerdy

evie liquid bread is schooper Jul 26th, 2004 2:02:21 pm - Subscribe
i was watching wiggles this morning and they were all like telling me to dance and stuff and im like dude id rather just eat something. im getting so fat. i hate summer. its like everyone else is all exercising and working on their tan for school and im sitting in a dark basement eating stale funions. the play is going no where and if carson doesnt have it finished by the end of the week, alison and this derek dude are gonna finish it for him. the play is in two weeks, its so messed up. thats pretty much thats going on in my life. am i the only one on this planet who is completely in love with ken jennings from jepoardy? man hes so loveable! he reminds me of my man jeremy. *sleep*
Mood: hungry