Finals Week

Dec 12th, 2010 5:31:23 pm - Subscribe

The logic of every important person in my life couldn't save me now.The most articulate people have attempted to talk me down. I run through lists of all the reasons to stay alive. Each blessing seems like a tiny piece of lint on the blanket of misery that covers me. Thoughts of graduating seem futile. My plans will surely fail. A tiny person takes my drugs away and informs me "Train."

My little dude makes me smile. He is the only person who loves me for no reason at all. He doesn't expect me to graduate, nor does he care how much debt I have accumulated. All he wants is for me to be the person he knows and remembers each time he sees me. He wants me to be myself and to teach him new words. He is the only person in the world who wants nothing more than to make me smile.

It's a shame he'll never know how important he is and what a difference he made in Crazy Aunt Rachel's life. It's a shame he won't always have such low expectations.
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femmeemo - December 14th, 2010
Infants and animals are the most wonderful things in the world. My niece is amazing, and its funny how just one great big smile, or her picking to crawl up onto my lap can make the rest of the day brighter.

I think I am bitter about the cat because I miss mine. My roommates cat is nice enough- but I miss Meek. Hanz is like a stepchild I just can't bring myself to love.



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