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Mood: fragile

A light sandwich and an orange for lunch
Twenty minute nap
A handful of peanuts for a snack

Example was his only means of authority.
Never reckless
Never a raised voice or fist
His absence was never a result of anger.


Numbers and logic
rather than emotion and gossip

I can only cite a few of his countless accomplishments
And acts of kindness
From the tear stained words of strangers.
Never mentioned within the house
Not for fear of boasting
But because restoring a historic hotel
while cradling the dumb, derelict, and dying
are as obligatory and trivial to him as paying bills and folding laundry.
We never knew
but were never surprised
when the neighbors told us how much his actions meant.

I want to beg him to stay.
He has to because I still need him.
But I won't let him know
he failed to prepare me for this.

These things don't happen to men like him.
I should not have to accept his Ninth Step.
I don't want to admit that I deserve it.

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end-of - August 23rd, 2017
this is beautiful and powerful, especially the last line. take care <3


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