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I once slept with a married man in my old life, in a different town and state. He stopped by once again. I was his indulgence. An escape from his reality. He made plans to see me, now, in a different state, a different part of my life.

And cancelled.

My past is so foreign. Even the oddities and novelties won't approach me.

I have no idea who I was or who I've become.

I have always been a secret.
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d8mtr - October 31st, 2017
Just wanted to drop by and say hi..hope you are doing/feeling better.


evie - November 07th, 2017
I hope you're doing better too. I'm well. I'm not as hopeless as I've been in the past. Just the familiar existential angst these days.

d8mtr - November 22nd, 2017
That is good to know that you are doing better. I am ok, some days are harder than others, it's like a constant pendulum swinging.


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