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What Famous Leader Are You?
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the first time I took the test, I was Einstein. how did I go from Einstein to HILTER? I totally want Einstein.
made my brother take the test though. it said he enjoyed power because it increased his sexual opportunities.... >.> in other words, he was JFK.

so, I am that much closer to moving back into my old room. my closet is now totally organized (ya know, in my messy only-I-can-understand-my-logic-and-find-anything kind of way). I moved my computer in (and am now typing this on it, sitting in front of the window, on the floor... I like this much better without a desk), and even after I move my old bed back in, I'm going to have a fairly good amount of space, the way it's set up. I even have my lucky yoga mat, so my relaxation shall not be disturbed by the fact I'm too terrified by what I might be lying/sitting on on the floor. (which does need to be vaccuumed, as some of the meal from the mealworms spilled. luckily the case was empty)

Stargate: SG1 - Okay, I admit it. I only recently discovered Stargate mondays. But who cares. tonight's episodes ROCKED. Totally loving the Carter/O'Neal action in 'Beneath the Surface'. It has inspired me... to find some good fanfiction online somewhere, and if all else fails, write some myself.
I have to say, I never had Michael Shanks figured for that good of a actor, but when he was switching between personalities, it turned out I was very wrong; and while I still refuse to accept Michael Shanks as a better Daniel Jackson than the original from the movie (the oh so beautiful James Spader), he moved up two notches on my list. Also improved is Teal'c, played by the brilliant Christopher Judge... if his ability to keep that one specific look ever fails, you can always count on a change in hair color in the next season! or, you know, a beard.
I will say though, Richard Dean Anderson is much better than Kurt Russel in every way. Okay, I know, his... >.> girlfriend/wife/domestic partner-type woman just had a child and he wants to take time off and spend time raising his kids (like every good father), Stargate is just not the same without him, and there is no way Ben Browder (loved him in Farscape, not so much as Mitchell on SG1) can ever fill his shoes.
I'll also mention I miss Janet Fraiser and General Hammond
"I keep remembering this guy. He's bald and wears a short sleeve short, and he's really important to me. I think his name is Homer..."
Okay, enough Stargate babbling. It's official, I've gone from casual-don't-really-care-to-catch-it to completely-obsessed-and-will-become-a-fanfiction-fiend. Moving on...

WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO BUMP HOUSE FOR A FULL THREE WEEKS FOR AMERICAN IDOL? because whoever it was, should be FIRED. the erratic time changes for the Fox hits is stupid, and a bad move. Is anyone even still watching Simon? ISN'T HE DEAD YET?
Last Tuesday's was, as usual, awesome. House's character evolution continues to be amzing. Slow, and very subtle, but masked by sarcasm with a hint of a humor. Actually, the humor's in the sarcasm. In any case, I'm still a firm believer that Stacy belonged with Mark (simply because he was willing to beg House for help and set his physical therapy back three months to be with her; how many men exist in today's world who're willing to do such a thing? that alone completely disqualifies House. I mean, I love him, but face it: Stacy and House were never going to end up together), and I'm starting to see very subtle hints of Cameron/House within each case - though the brilliant writers never let up on the mystery of each case and will always have another twist to keep you on the edge of your seat.
I have to say, it was perfect justice what happened to Wilson.
He's had how many wives? That many divorces... and with marriage he has how many affairs? Come on, we've seen it during season 1. Finally, as he's going to talk to his wife, he discovers, she's having an affair... and is kicking him out.
Maybe next time he gets married, if they decide to write that in, he won't be so stupid to screw it up by sleeping with someone else. At least, I hope. I refuse to put that much faith in anyone, let alone a television character... but it would certainly be nice.
So, now, Wilson is bunking with House. Which leaves much to play with in future episodes. I'm dying until the new one.

Okay, one last rant. ^.^ Since I got started on Stargate, I figured I would go all out. Last, we have Bones, based on Kathy somebody-or-other, a real life forensic anthropologist. I was so mad on the forums for the show. Nobody liked Emily Deschanel, but they all loved David Boreanez. I'm sorry, Angel was good, but he was far too... brooding. I don't get all the hype that continues over Buffy and Angel. actually, angel I can understand. Buffy died like... three times during the show. Can she ever STAY dead? the beginning was awesome. I was addicted. After she died, had been replaced by Buffy bot, but brought back from her eternal slumber in heaven by Willow (who just COULDN'T leave her dead), it was still good. But when they brought in all those other slayers....

I'm off-topic. Anyway, Emily Deschanel was the perfect choice for Bones. Last Wednesday involed a plane crash of politicians. Upon finding the body of a passenger who wasn't supposed to be on the flight, it becomes their top priority. Until Bones finds three small bone fragments that didn't come the plane crash victims on the sight.
Having been deprived of Booth for a few weeks, she calls him first. Of course, it's got to be a murder, right? wink.gif Funny dialogue of how Bones missed him, etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda....
Anyway, I love how the jealousy is just so completely obvious when a man (who specializes in missing persons cases) shows up claiming the bones are probably from his missing father. Perfect for Bones, seeing as her whole problem is that she's cut herself off from society and human emotions since her parents mysteriously vanished as a child, and her older brother left to work, leaving her in the foster care system. (see previous episode for full story)... right?
Okay, so there's... something between her and this one-shot character, but he is a one-shot character, and the writers are obviously putting a lot of effort into setting up a Booth/Bones relationship, so the odds of anything happening are... none. Which is pretty much what happens.

Overall, Emily Deschanel... not too bad. David Boreanez.... best I've seen him yet. Hugh Laurie......... absolutely brilliant (and the winner of an emmy, so a big congrats to him)

...I've bored you guys enough. I shall leave now....
but seriously, whoever decided to put on American Idol instead of House should be fired. and the people responsible for hiring him should be fired as well.... just for good measure tounge.gif
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